Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Tuesday Already?!

 You know how times seems to fly by faster the older you get?
I think my time to age ratio was a little off this past week,
'cause it felt like 3 days, which I'm pretty sure correlates to 80 years old...

Anyway, here are my entries for Sweet Shot Tuesday and Shutter Love Tuesday.
Thanks for stopping by!!

Gastropod Seashell


This is my favorite shell of all time.
(I had to look up the type of shell this is...I'm not a shell genius or anything.)

My Dad got this for me when I was really little and I'd almost forgotten about it until recently when I found it in my keepsake box.

Sweet Shot Day


Blue Buttons


I have a ton of buttons and wanted to photograph them, although I don't think I'm doing them justice in this shot...
But I really wanted to participate this week, since it's been a while!

Shutter Love Tuesdays Button


  1. I love the shell, how very pretty.

  2. That shell is really beautiful!!

  3. Oh Katie that shell is gorgeous!!! What sort of lens are you using? I can't seem to get that close.

  4. Love both of these. Awesome color and detail.

  5. Sheri - I used my 70-300mm macro lens for the shell.

  6. I was coming here to tell you I love button but wow, that shell shot is amazing. Well done!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Beautiful shots!

    Your shell is beautiful. Great lighting there.

  9. I love that shell! God is SO in the details... He is a God of order and beauty. Love it.

  10. Wonderful photos! The color of the buttons is Wonderful!

  11. the shell shot is my favorite! It is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  12. The shell is so awesome and the buttons - love the color!

  13. That first shot is so beautiful. I love it.

  14. That is truly a beautiful shell! I love your shot of it. Beautiful soft light. I just had to click on your thumbnail to see what it actually was. It made me so curious.

    Erika B

  15. Your shell photo is just stunning. There is something so peaceful about it. It stood out from the other shots.

  16. The shell photo is gorgeous. At first I thought it was a toy top.

  17. pretty, pretty shots! i'm partial to the shell~what a sweet keepsake!
    my main blog: www.findingserendipity.com
    visiting from sweet shot~

  18. I LOVE your shell, what a great perspective!


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