Thursday, September 16, 2010

Before & After: Love on the Fifty Yard Line

This is a shot from my BIL's engagement session several weeks ago.

To our surprise, we were allowed to walk on the field after the Kansas State football game.
They normally don't allow this, so we took full advantage of the opportunity!

Below is my SOOC shot:
J&T kissing on field SOOC wm

I loved the natural lighting in this shot (the bleachers behind me were reflecting a ton of sunlight), but not all the people.

So, I did what I normally do when I have a mediocre shot.
I had fun with it!

And this is what I got:
kissing blur - wm

Here's what I did:

(I use PSE 8 to edit, by the way.)

Step 1: First I ran PW's Boost action.
Step 2: Using the magnetic lasso tool, I selected the couple.
Step 3: Created a new layer, copied and pasted the selected couple into new layer.
Step 4: With background selected, I chose to use a motion blur.
Step 5: Merge layers.


  1. WOW, I just love your edit, that's a perfect moment captured

  2. Oh this is fantastic! I will definitely have to try this in the future! Thanks for including the tutorial!

  3. That is amazing! What a great moment!

  4. Awesome!!! This is the second blur pic today! I have to do this for next week! :) Beautiful shot!

  5. oh man - now that is totally awesome! what a great concept for your edit. It really makes the shot.

  6. The SOOC was great but the edit took it over the top. Thanks for explaining how you did it....I'm new to PSE and I am just learning. I will be trying this one. Thanks Denise

  7. What an awesome idea! LOVE IT! Great job!

  8. Very creative, love it!

  9. Cool...I'll have to try that sometime

  10. Way cool effect. I must try this.

  11. I love it! Your edit adds so much movement to the photo and I love how they have the reflected light on them.

  12. Wow, this is very neat!!! Great job!

  13. How cool is this?!?!? You did an amazing job!!!! Thanks for the little tutorial you added. I may have to try this on a picture.

  14. AWESOME!!! I really appreciated the instructions too! I have SO much to learn with PS... So many opportunities, I just need to make the time to play!


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