Thursday, September 30, 2010

My First Family Photo Session

A couple weeks ago my husband's cousin asked if I would do their family pictures!
They saw my photos from the engagement session and liked them, which is pretty awesome.
And it's even more awesome that they asked me if I'd do them!
Usually I'm the one doing the asking.

So, we met at a local park and got started.

I certainly learned a lot from this family session!
1. I need to get to the location at least 30 minutes prior to my 'clients' so I can figure out the correct settings without making them wait. The first handful of shots were overexposed, hence the sepia.

2. I have to be more assertive and decisive with my directions on where to go and how to sit/pose.

 3. If I'm going to be doing more portraits, I should invest in a lens that's better suited for it.


They are such a fun family and were very patient with this amateur!

And they have two of the cutest kids, ever!
I was incredibly impressed with how well behaved and patient their kids were.
We see them at every holiday so I know their general temperaments, but they were even better than I'd expected!


With all that cooperation, I can't blame anyone but myself for any less than spectacular shots.
I'm not going to lie - I did editing on all the photos and some edits were a little tougher than others.


I took the above two shots - one for proper exposure on the family and one for proper (or at least better) exposure on the lake.
Then I used PSE 8 to merge them together.
And below is what I got.


Toward the end, it was becoming clear that the kids had enough of the camera and were ready to play!
Who could blame them when a fun playground was just around the bend?!


The theme this week for You Capture is 'Togetherness' - and nothing says togetherness more than family!



  1. These are great Katie - considering that both of us are really comfortable shooting inanimate objects (you with flowers and me with anything else that's random), I think our portrait experiments are great. This session looks awesome but you nailed it with the before and after! I know they'll be thrilled with that shot. I essentially learned the same lessons. I've really got to get better about providing direction. I guess I'll try again on Sunday with my engagement session. :)

  2. I think these are great! I especially like the combination one. I've never done any professional shoots, but I do know the feeling of trying to get your settings right while your subject is waiting - kind of stressful and nerve-wracking! :-/ But now you'll be better prepared for next time :)

    Beautiful shots!

  3. Wow! These are really nice and the merged shot looks great!

  4. These are wonderful shots Katie!! I really want to work on shooting PEOPLE but it's so difficult for me. I really think you did awesome! RAH!!!! <--That's me cheering for you!

  5. Great photos! I also love the merged one, truly captured the best of both shots. Good job!

  6. great work and good experience for you. I know how hard it is to get the shots right and for the people to follow your direction. I love the last shot. I had a shot with some girls i sit for, they did not sit still for very long.

  7. You did an incredible job on these photos! I love the way you did the two exposures then put them together. I'm sure they are thrilled with their pictures. They are a beautiful family!

  8. I love how they turned out! SO GREAT~

  9. That's a great job of blending the two exposures. I'd love to learn how to do that so well.

  10. These are so great. The merged picture is just perfect. Way to go! I've never even tried that before!!

  11. Love these images! You are doing a great job with your portraits, keep up the good work!

  12. will you do my family photos? :) these are great~!

  13. You are a PRO! I love the family shots - you nailed it :D

  14. These are wonderful, and what a great experince to take photos like that

  15. These are wonderful! I'm very impressed and pretty sure you will be getting more requests.


  16. Wow! Great job merging those 2 photos together!

  17. Katie, these turned out great!

  18. Fabulous job on the merging. I've watched a tutorial on doing that before, but have never tried it. Obviously. I also like how you made the merged photo a square shot instead of a normal portrait. I like square portraits. Great job!!!

  19. Isn't it nerve racking? When I did Rich's family's portrait I had to be very assertive... there were a bunch of them to move through quickly and have a great shot. It was too hot to stand around for long!

    This month I'm taking my Pastor's family pictures... that is making me even more nervous!

  20. I think it is oh so important to learn from each sitting/photo session. It only makes us a better photographer, right?


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