Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This is a typical morning view from our deck.
I sometimes wish we had a wide open space from which to enjoy sunrises and sets, but for now I'm content with our window through the trees!
Golden Sunrise

This is from nearly 2 years ago, but as soon as I read "smell" on the list I knew this was what I wanted!
(and I also knew my son wouldn't pose like this now!)

So, I may be cheating but it was a busy week, so this is another one from the archives that I pulled off my other blog.

I thought this shot fit perfectly with the simple theme.
Just soft edges and colors!

Last night we went to a baseball game. It was incredibly cold and windy, though.
We left early so I didn't get many shots, and while this one isn't a great shot I think it's kind of neat.


  1. Very cool simple shot! Is it a car on a road with a blue sky and trees? The golden shot is so cool too!

  2. Incredible work this week Katie (even if you dipped into your archives a bit). I love your golden and simple shots the best...they are art! Love it. Have a great week.

  3. Oh Katie! The golden shot is just beautiful and that simple shot is so interesting!
    Here's mine

  4. I love them all. I really love your golden, simple and fruit. They are all great.

  5. Golden is hands down my favorite because it's beautiful! I love your fruit shot too, archives or not!

  6. All of these are so beautiful!

  7. always lovely photos. My fave is the smell-it is a such a dear shot and I also like the soft abstract of simple.

  8. Great photos! I love love golden and sports!!!

  9. SarahinSC - yep, you got it exactly right!

  10. Great shots! Love love the first one. So pretty :)

  11. Golden and Fruit are my favorites - to have the sunrise with the peach would be perfection! I also love your Smell picture - it's so sweet!

  12. I love the view off your back deck... I can't see the sunrise or set.... just roofs.

  13. The bokeh in the "simple" and "golden" shots are purely stunning!!!! Stunning!

  14. oh I do love your work! these are perfect again

  15. Very pretty. The Golden and Simple are my favorite...wonderful mood to those.

  16. Okay..first..I really just love how big you can make your pictures on your blog. I am so limited on mine. Second...that first picture is so beautiful. They are all great but that first one is wow!!!

    And boy look how much that boy of yours has grown. Time just keeps on flying.


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