Friday, October 8, 2010

Spiders & Webs

I like spiders.

I'm sure that makes me an oddball to some of you,
but we have a terrible problem with mosquitoes here and anything that is trying to eat them is a-ok with me!

There was one spider I noticed the other evening - he was big and so was his web.


The sun was just beginning to set, so I rushed inside to get my camera.


Not to toot my own horn, but I am lovin' this bokeh!!
How about you?!

The next morning the same spider was in the same spot...almost.
He had taken down his giant web and built an even better one about a foot down from where it was the evening before.


I tried for so long to get the shimmery greens and pinks reflected in the web and after many blinding attempts, I finally got it!


And I tried even harder to get a decently focused shot of this spider.

(this is my choice for Macro Friday)

It was worth all the time and trials!

PhotoStory Friday   Blogging from Bolivia


  1. That last photo is freaky! Great web photos too.

  2. wow that spider is big. but very neat webs. i like the green backdrop it really makes the web visible. nice shots.

  3. I love the bokeh in the second and third photo tii. Great job.

  4. oh I hate spiders but i LOVE your shots and bokeh!!!

  5. I think you are one of few that like spiders :)
    on the other point photos ar spiderwebs are like an art !

  6. creepy! Very appropriate with Halloween approaching :) Great photos!

  7. Katie the shots are amazing especially of the bokehs and the pinks reflected in the web.

    Rosie :)

  8. I think spider webs are awesome...I'm just concerned that I might have gotten bit by one the other day so I'm not a fan.

  9. Beautiful shots - and I absolutely love the bokeh!!

  10. These are all SOOO great! Each one shows something different about the same web!! Really amazing! And that is SO close to that spider....creepy!

  11. GORGEOUS photos of those webs! Love the green background one the most! Great photos, those are just amazing.

  12. Great shots. Gorgeous bokeh!

  13. Amazing photos! I love the second one best!

  14. The webs I love.....the spider made me shiver. Truly! I just concentrated on the lovely bokeh! ha!

  15. Great shots! They are amazing creatures!

  16. amazing shots! amazing clarity! so perfect!
    and I'm loving your bokeh, too!!! :)


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