Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You'll Want to Sit Down for This One...

...not because it's overly spectacular, but because it's a little long.

This colorful bokeh makes me smile! :)


I think this spot is a bokeh paradise, because below is a shot I got of the exact same tree this past Spring.
(Apparently, my focusing abilities have improved! Score!)


This one is from last week's Simply Photography assignment.

Here it is SOOC:
Car Thirds

But I had to edit it!


I like both, but for different reasons.
Which do you like best?

Photography love...


Kids on Bridge

Technically speaking, this shot isn't very good. But life rarely stops for me and my camera.
And I'd rather enjoy it than capture it perfectly - and these two make me wildly happy each and every day!
...as well as wildly crazy with frustration ;) ...



The theme this week at Trendy Treehouse is babies! 
But since my babies are not really babies anymore, I dug out some cute snapshots of them from when they were both right at 7 months.

Breck 7 months

I can't post one baby and not the other!

Rowan 7 months



  1. Oh dear...where to begin! I love your second edit on the car but I tend to gravitate toward sepia/yellow undertones.

    And your bokeh is amazing!

  2. My brain can only hold 3 thoughts...so here it is: I love love love the bokeh. I love your second edit...and yay for cute babies!

  3. Love your pictures!! Love the editing on the car pic... Cute cute babies! I am your newest follower :)
    Happy Tuesday!
    Kelly from kellylundkids.blogspot.com

  4. Lots of great photos. Love the bokeh. Your kids are adorable.

  5. I can't get over how gorgeous that first boken shot is of the berries....wow! For the car....sorry I can't decide I like them both for different reasons too. I love the masking and keeping a color but then the second edit looks like a 70's action which is always one of my favorites. Awesome job! Denise

  6. LOVE the bokeh...so bright! The first is my absolute FAVE. :)

  7. Bokeh berries are awesome!!

    Love the second edit of the car. :)

  8. Wonderful shots, all! (And I am way into the bokeh berries!)


  9. I love both those edits, hard to choose a favorite. And the bokeh in that first shot is just amazing. Nice work!

  10. Great photos! I wish i was better at editing. Good job!

  11. These are all great! I just love the first two pictures of the tree. Fabulous. I'm afraid my baby isn't a baby anymore either. Cute pictures of the kids.


  12. Awesome bokeh in the first couple of shots!! And the to car...well that was just adorable!

  13. love your Bokeh and the processing on the car!

  14. Hi there!!! GORGEOUS photos:) i could look at baby pics all day!!! I am your newest follower. I found you on the blog hop!! You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

    Oh and I have several really cute giveaways, all hand made baby stuff. If you come by you should check them out before you leave:)

  15. I'm visiting to see your Touch Up. Love it and the Perceptive Perspective too. What is your bokeh secret?!?!

  16. jillconyers - Thanks...and I guess my secret is luck! lol :) I just find spots that have a lot of "holes" for light to pass through, such as leaves on a tree, and hope for the best!

  17. I love your bokeh shots, they so great!

  18. That first shot made me tinkle a little. Beautiful!

  19. Love them all. Beautiful photos!

  20. very nice I know same here with focus. but all great. sometimes unfocused is pretty cause ya create bokeh.

  21. gorgeous pictures...all of them!

    Also...I love the pictures of your children running...its perfect because it is spur of the moment...having fun and being carefree!

  22. GIRL....that bokeh is just out of this world!!!! WOW!!! Not only has your focus improved but your eye on shadows has too! Great job!! I like the second edit on the car best. Just my opinion though. ANd the kids...wow have they grown!!!

  23. Love your shots. The first one is my favorte, the bokeh is amazing!

  24. The bokeh in the first image takes my breath away.

  25. That first shot is breathtaking! And your kiddies are CUTE!

  26. Wow - that first picture is INSANELY AWESOME!

  27. Gorgeous bokeh - the firt shot i amazing - love it!!!


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