Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday, et al.

I can't believe I've missed so many Scavenger Hunt Sundays!'s nice to be participating again this week. 

Black and White 
This is my husband's grandpa's old film slr camera.
I'll have more shots and a story to go with this camera on Friday.

I Ate This... 
This is taco soup and it's from the archives. I was busy talking and eating over Thanksgiving and didn't get any shots of food.

This is an old part of downtown Kansas City that we pass through on our way to Iowa.
I have no idea what it is or what it's used for, other than a railroad beneath the wires, but I'm sure there's some kind of history to it!


The End 
...end of the day, that is.


I love visiting my family's farm just for the landscapes and skies that are visible, unobstructed by other houses or city lights, just nature in all it's bold and unique beauty.
This is sooc - and there are many more sooc sunrise shots yet to come this week!

 Scenic Sunday


  1. The selective focus and DoF are fabulous in the image of the old film camera. And what a beautifully composed photo for "off-center"

  2. What a great selection of photos. Love your choice for "the end"

  3. Loved that first shot Katie - the focus is just perfect. I can't wait to see all your sunset photos - it is lovely to have a sunset without electric pylons and houses etc in the view finder.

  4. Oh my, those last two shots are just absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE them. The colors are so beautiful.

  5. You've captured this week's challenge beautifully. I'm constantly trying to find unobstructed shots of the horizon. Not an easy task.

  6. Great shots Katie! That sunset is so pretty. I agree that being out in an open space makes sunsets even that much better!

  7. I love your historic and the leaf, so pretty!

  8. Beautiful shots!! All of them! Great job getting it done this week!!!

  9. Historic? WOW! Love your work this week and so glad you were able to join.

  10. The composition of your historic shot is great. I love how all I can see is the roof tops.

  11. These are all great. I really love your I ate this photo.

  12. These are wonderful shots and I can't wait to see more! I love going home to the country, nothing like the peace and quiet when you are away from the city!

  13. Fantastic!
    Love your historic and your B&W is to die for!

  14. Goodness that is a lot of birds in that old picture. I wouldn't want to walk under that wire. :) Your taco soup looks yummy. We eat that like crazy during the winter here. YUM! I love the simplicity of your leaf shot. Beautiful!

  15. The sunset photos are stunning! Beautiful colours. I love the birds on the wire in the historic photo too.

  16. I love your historic picture! They are all beautiful though!

  17. love your photos! off center is fantastic! The sunset is great too.


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