Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scripture & A Snapshot {Week 7}

Matthew 10:29

If God cares so much about sparrows, I can only begin to imagine how much He cares about each one of us!

This verse reminds me of something that happened the other day.

The battery in my garage door opener is almost out of juice, so it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.
My son knows the opener is temperamental, and he's heard me call up a favor or two to God for a little help - usually on the days we're running late. This particular day we were just arriving home, and not in a hurry at all. I had pushed the opener button a few times and it wasn't working. Then, from the backseat, I heard a little voice say
"God, please open that garage door for us!"

With the next press of the button, it opened.

Mark 11:24 immediately came to mind:
"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

My four year old had faith beyond a doubt that God would do what he had asked, because he knows God cares for him and no detail is too small to take to God.

How fortunate we are to have a God who wants to be a part of our lives and not just sit back and watch us from a distance! He is right here with us, whether we see it or not.


I've been curious what the spiritual demographics of visitors to Scripture & a Snapshot look like and if you are finding this challenge helpful. So, I've made a 3-part poll and I hope you'll take a minute to answer.
These polls are anonymous and there are no wrong answers.


Want to join in this challenge?
Here's how to participate:

1. Select a photo.
It can be from your archives or a new shot. Please only use your own photos.

2. Add a scripture verse to it. 

 I really hope that you'll put thought into the scripture you're choosing, as well as the photo you've selected. The idea here is to give glory to God
Here's a link to a good Bible verse search engine.

3. Put the Scripture & a Snapshot button in your post.
You won't be deleted or banned if you don't. It just helps spread the word...and the Word. ;)

4. Come back here and link up your post.   
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  1. I am amazed daily! Thank you for hosting such an uplifting photo challenge Katie.

  2. I really enjoyed your photo and the scripture that you put with it!

  3. Thank you for your dedication in hosting this :)

  4. I really enjoyed your post this morning and the lovely picture. Thank you for hosting. I've met so many nice bloggers and received such a blessing from SAAS.

  5. I love this picture and the verse you put with it. Look at how small and insignificant that tiny bird appears, and yet our Father's eye is on the sparrow and on me & you. Wonderful thought for today! Thanks for sharing.

  6. "My four year old had faith beyond a doubt that God would do what he had asked, because he knows God cares for him and no detail is too small to take to God" Love this.

    Just this week, my 5 year old son prayed for the rain to stop, so the Homecoming parade wouldn't be cancelled. The rain stopped!

  7. I like this one Katie. I don't always link up but I do enjoy doing so when I have the time and the right photo and scripture. :-)

  8. Katie! I am going through such a roky time emotional and not only do the entries continue to lift me up, so does the prepartion of my entry keep my focus on the Lord. Thanks you. Love the sparrow, and the reminder.

  9. That scripture and snapshot go together great. Wonderful job!

  10. What a wonderful message this morning Katie - I love it!

  11. This is beautiful, Katie! I also enjoyed answering your poll questions :) Now, off for Sunday wanderings and visiting the others who have shared throughout the week ahead.

    I always enjoy visiting your blog.

  12. Katie, it is amazing how God gives me the picture and the verse. I don't go searching for the two, I go searching for HIM and the Lord puts the two together. So, let me say this link you have let us share in is definitely designed by HIM. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you, and letting us be a follower also.
    Love your photo of the bird & the verse.
    Hope your day is restful.

  13. p.s. I tried to vote and it said I had already??? but, I had not. Don't know what is going on with the poll thingy.

  14. Great shot and I love that verse - what a wonderful reminder that He does care greatly for us.

  15. Love the story you shared, it reminds me of something that happened when my daughter was that age,here's a link if you are interested, we call it the pizza prayer.

  16. What a sweet story! Reminds me of one I shared a while back (

  17. Thanks for yet another Sunday Katie. Sometimes my faith is not where I would like it to be. But your story is inspiring.

  18. oops, sorry I posted my link twice! I didn't see it after the first time, so I did it again. Very nice post and photo! :)

  19. Love this shot, and the scripture that goes with it!

  20. This is an awesome post! I love participating in this because I love searching the scriptures for the perfect scripture to go with the photos. Thanks for hosting!

  21. I'm blessed with your "Versed Photos" hmm.. i wish to post some pictures but i don't have a good camera, so i'm just visiting often and check out what's new.;)

    by the way,thanks for your comment last time. i'm just privileged to know that there are people from different parts of the world who loves hearing about the word of God!~_~ lets keep spreading His Word!

  22. Hi, I'm new over here and I cannot wait to start visiting others; what a great idea.
    AMDG {All For the Glory of God}

  23. Wow girl!! Look how God has blessed this!!! You had 45 link ups this week. I can't believe I missed it. I meant to schedule one and just totally forgot before heading out of town. Sorry. Your poll results are pretty amazing too. And as for the battery issue...we are having that problem with our van right now. No fun! But I tell Hannah can get in touch with God about it before I ever stop to ask. Oh to learn from them!


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