Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weekend at a Wedding


This is the church where my BIL (and now SIL!) got married two weekends ago.
It's a 12th century church that was relocated from London to Fulton, Missouri of all places.
And it. Was. Gorgeous.

Underneath this church is the Winston Churchill Museum, which was incredibly gigantic and interesting to walk through. 



This was a mirror that was hanging on a wall in "Winston Churchill's office" at the museum. 
In a way, it reminded me of The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyke.
Oh, and that's my husband and daughter in the reflection!

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire



This was a centerpiece at the reception.
The reception hall was attached to a house, where we and several other families stayed, which was incredibly convenient...although a bit unusual.
So, I was able to go out early the next morning and shoot the flowers in peace and quiet in the bright morning light. 


  1. These are gorgeous! Really love the centerpiece photo.

  2. Amazing! I love the historical feel of the church and that mirror is very cool...

    You have such a great eye for unique shoys :-)

  3. Oh Katie...the sunflare is exquisite! What a wonderful place for photos. And it's only 100 miles from me...might just be a road trip in my future. =D


  4. Wow these are gorgeous shots!! Love them all.

  5. Hello! I have come over from Aspire! I love the photograph of the mirror! What a neat place to be at!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Those are some really cool pictures!! :)

  7. I love those Katie - especially the centerpiece and the way you have captured the sun glinting through the glass.

    Oh those seats look so uncomfortable in the church - you certainly would come out with good posture after sitting up so straight.

  8. You really know how to creatively capture a moment. WOW!

  9. Gorgeous photos...aren't those old churches so beautiful?

  10. i missed wooden church pews! cause at church we are now using monoblock chairs for more space... hmm... but i love the church photo!! especially the mirror.. way to cool!~_~

  11. That mirror shot is just too cool! That sure was an amazing place for the wedding and for pictures.


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