Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yes & No

(if you visit my family blog, then you've already seen this shot)

I am loving this photo!
Not because I think it's perfect.
But because of what it represents:

I said "Yes" to my kids.

This is something I do not do enough.
I say yes to writing posts,
I say yes to blog hopping,
I say yes to email,
I say yes to editing.

And the list goes on.

But the thing I fail to say yes to is, in fact, the most important thing to which I can say yes.

My hope is that, as much as I love visiting blogs and seeing beautiful photography and inspiring ideas, that I will say no to those things more often.

And I hope in the near future, you will notice my increased absence in the blogging world,
because that means
I have said yes to my children.

Simple BPM


  1. I am totaly with you!!!!and I am making a plan! GOo luck to saying YES!

  2. What a fun photo and I agree - my youngest asked me in not so nice a tone of voice today to spend more time concentrating on making his dinner rather than being at my photography at that time each day. Boy did I feel guilty. He's right as I always use that time to pop on the blogs but from tommorrow his dinner is coming first.

    Good for you too Katie - your kids want to remember you playing with them and having fun days.

  3. Love that shot! I made up my mind to say "yes" few years back. It's amazing how used to saying "No" or "Just a minute" one gets.

  4. I love that you say YES - although I'll miss you, I think it's the best choice!

  5. i love the perspective on this shot!

  6. What a great post, Katie!! I am not good at saying yes to my kids. I think all of us moms should make a pact, a Yes Pact.

  7. Fun photo and great post! I've been striving to be more Yes than No lately! :)

  8. I totally understand - have fun and enjoy them because they grow up so quickly!

  9. way to go. Family should be first. Have fun with those cuties they grow up to fast.

  10. First- such a sweet capture.
    Second- YES!!! I've been saying yes so much more than I used to. My boys have learned how to bat their eyes at me, too. lol! Yes indeed what a bigger picture that is. :)))

  11. Love that shot! Saying 'yes' with the bigger picture in mind creates a peaceful heart.

  12. I really understand this. I have been trying to say yes to Dustyn lately too. A lot of my feelings lately have been along these lines.

  13. I love this photo - and that you said YES! to your kids - they are so very important!

    I agree - you must go be with your kids - they are far more important than blogging - there's some kind of balance that can be found, but it should tip the scales to the kids, not the internet! :)

    And I only have a dog, and I feel that way sometimes, too! lol! My puppy stares and huffs often at me whenever I'm on the computer...

  14. Amen! It is good to say Yes as much as we can.

    That is a precious shot. And even more so for what it represents!

  15. Love the total relaxing moment, why can't we be like children without that somebody calls to the "crazy doctor" to see you.
    I say yes to yours yes:)

  16. I am going through this right now too and trying to find balance. I think it's really important to still have a creative personal life but it does come second to the baby. I look forward to seeing you when you do post and hope you have great moments in those where I don't. :)

  17. I will miss you but I understand. Good you said yes because they grow up too fast!

  18. Love it--the shot, your words, everything! So great!

  19. I completely agree with this! I need to say no more to the computer ... and yes more to my kids. Thank you for the inspiration and wisdom!

  20. I am with you 100%!!! Last year I found myself saying NO way too much!! I vowed that this year I would do better. It broke my heart one day when I hear Hannah telling Victoria..."shh...mommy is on the computer. Don't bother her." I knew then it was time for change.

  21. Good stuff, Katie. Thanks for sharing and encouraging!

  22. I love this post - thanks for sharing!


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