Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is on It's Way

I probably should put a question mark behind that title as we received two snowfalls over the weekend!
We have had some crazy weather the past two weeks - snow one day, 80 degrees the next. 

With all the unseasonably warm days, the tree buds and daffodils have sprung up about a week or two earlier than normal.

Purple Blossoms

Red Buds


  1. As always great photos!!! You have a great eye!!!
    Have a good one!!

  2. Oh so beautiful! We don't have anything blooming yet... and I woke to a dusting of snow this morning! :(

  3. Katie, you ought to see our Vermont weather - it's sure to make you laugh, although, we've not had an 80 degree day whatsoever, ever...in March.

    That first shot edit is gorgeous!!

  4. I love them both, so pretty. I'm enjoying photographing cherry blossoms here too.

  5. I hope Spring is finally here to stay, although I could do without all the storms and tornado's!


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