Friday, April 29, 2011

Color My World

I want to thank whoever it was for sending a prayer up about this creative funk I've been feeling - yesterday the sun came out and so did those creative juices! It was just what I needed - thanks to you and the awesome God who makes the sun shine! :)


If you follow Katie Lloyd Photography on Facebook you may already know about the series of fun shots I took yesterday...Hot Wheels! It's all still in the editing process at the moment, but my plan is to end up with 9 square shots of my son's various and awesomely cool cars! I'm hoping to get the bulk of that editing done very soon. 

One of the other shots I took was a total 180 from cars: Thread.

If you've been 'hanging out' with me for a while, you probably remember those other sewing related shots. 
Like this one. Or this one. And of course, this one that also serves as my header...for now.

Yesterday, as I was hunting down Hot Wheels, this small tray of thread caught my eye.
I've had it for years and am not sure how it went unnoticed for so long!

Color My World


  1. I am glad the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining down on you.

    This is a great capture, such lovely colors.

  2. I love how you slightly muted the colors in this picture. The colors of these threads do not scream at each other at all.

  3. awesome.. so thankful that you are feeling better!

  4. I love this! Really, really beautiful.

  5. Beautiful beautiful beautiful......


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