Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At War with Elements

Y'all would not believe the morning I've had.
{well, maybe you would.}
PSE 8 and I went to war last night and this morning.
It started out with a simple problem of not seeing what I should see in my effects window, despite installing my new action properly.
Long story short, Elements pretty much jumped out of my computer, came to life and was somehow skilled in ultimate fighting.
{'cause that analogy makes sense, right?!}
But thanks to this guy, I was able to stop the program from crashing as well as fix a few other annoying things.
Now I'm able to see and use all of my wonderful actions that I'd forgotten about!

{awesome tip of the day: do not use subfolders within your photo effects folder. seriously. quit it.}

Anywho, after all that I needed a super simple edit. And here it is...



As you can see in the sooc shot, my white balance is all sorts of outta whack.
Thankfully, I shoot in RAW mode and don't have to worry about that as it's easily fixable in post processing.

Given the dark frame of the door against the white bathroom fixtures, I knew I wanted this to be converted into black and white. So I ran Nelly Nero's "Ain't Life a Peach" action on it and whalaa!
{I can't remember which set this action is in, so you'll have to dig to find it I'm afraid.}

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  1. I love bathtub photos in b and w too. I almost always convert them. PSE 8 often gives me a run for my money too. But I always conquer! hee hee. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Stupid PSE....it really does try to make actions complicated. I'm glad you won the battle. Love this conversion. I also love that I can so easily change my white balance by shooting Raw. :)

  3. awesome edit/

    PSE did that to me before... now my motherboards is out...LOL I think I am gonna blame photoshop for that too!

  4. I love the freedom you have when shooting in raw... I will try 4-5 times to get my wb right in some lights and just can't get it on my camera... so when I upload it's so nice to be able to correct it...with a click of my mouse.

  5. Beautiful! I shoot in FINE now... but I know I need to make the step to raw. :)

  6. Sweet shot! At some point, gotta try RAW.

  7. very cool.

    Say I am trying to load your action polaroid but it is too big? 10,130? could it be made smaller or can ya help? I really want it. Thanks.

  8. This is a wonderful photo and a gorgeous edit! Hope everything is running smoothly now!

  9. I LOVE seeing edits like this - where you take an absolutely normal, un-special photograph and turn it into something stunning!! Beautiful


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