Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beautiful Me


My sister is visiting from out of town this weekend, we're currently getting some much needed rain, and sis and I are heading out soon to bargain shop. {without kids!!}
It's going to be a fabulous day.
I hope you have a fabulous weekend as well!

PS. Between Ashley Sisk and myself we have some pretty wonderful download offers right now:
Debonair Action {for PS & PSE}
Weekly Photo Challenge Planner Pages


  1. That is beautiful - have a great time with your sister!

  2. Beautiful shot. :)

    Marla @

  3. Beautiful girl! Have fun with your sister. Don't let her wax your lips like mine did. :)

  4. yep love the action ( though it still is too big at 6,000 for computer.)

    But I saved it.

    Love your shot so beautifully simple.

  5. aww, have fun! take lotsa pics! i miss my sis so much and she's coming to california to visit in sept! beautiful photo@

  6. So pretty. Love the softness.

    Have a great weekend, Katie! :)

  7. Stunning! Hope you enjoyed shopping with your sister!

  8. Seriously, I think I leave the same comment every time I'm hear...Stunningly beautiful photograph!!!! Hope you had a great time shopping without the kids :)

  9. One of the best b&w flower edits I've seen. I could so see this hanging in my office.

  10. I hope you and your sister had a blast together!!!!! I'm a little late getting this. :)


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