Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little Bit o' Me

Ashley's self portraits are so darned inspiring.
So the other day I gave it a go.
...and now if I die tomorrow my kids will have ten whole photos to remember me by. ;)


Wow. I have waaaay more wrinkles and freckles than I thought!
In case you're wondering, my eyes really are that color.


This one's my favorite. I think it's the detail in my hair.
I used my 50mm for this shot - which you probably already know does not auto-focus with my camera body. It made it a bit more difficult to get these shots, but I love my 50!

The Daily Wyatt


Yes, I have tattoos.
And yes, that's plural.


Of course I must include one really out of focus shot...'cause that's how I roll.

I'm also linking up with Selfie Saturday in celebration of actually having guts to take these! :)


  1. Great set of photos!! Favs are 2 ad 3!!
    Enjoy your day!!

  2. Beautiful! Love the softness of each of them!

  3. Wow. You've got the most amazing eyes.

    These are wonderful shots, Katie. Well done.

  4. I love these. You are gorgeous. I love your hair!

  5. Love these, your eyes are such a pretty blue.

  6. Screw wrinkles. You look amazing. And your eyes have the prettiest shade of blue.

    Have a nice day, miss Katie. :)

  7. Okay...I'm inspired. I love the feel of these's kinda whimsical and almost candid vs. my staged shots. I'm going to give this a whirl. Love love love.

  8. So good to see you! I have wrinkles and freckles, lots and lots of them, but it's best to just embrace them! what are your tattoos? I have one that I got when I was 18 and it "bled" and my whole foot is now blue. So pretty. ;) I do really want another though, just can't find exactly what I want.

  9. Katie, you are beautiful and precious! Those eyes are like an ocean blue. Glad you did this, now I can have a better idea of who is behind the lens :)

  10. I love them all, you are so beautiful!

  11. I love these photos! Your freckles MAKE you! The light is adorable, too!
    Great first step into self-portraiture!

  12. Wow. These are gorgeous! I agree that Ashley’s self-portraits are fantastic and these are equally beautiful!! :)

  13. Way to go lady! These are fabulous, and yes, your kids will treasure them (someday).

  14. Hi Katie,

    Very nice portrait photos. I like your perspective on how you take pictures. Very creative!


  15. What gorgeous eyes you have! There's something about the 3rd photo I especially like, but all are just wonderful.

  16. Your kids will appreciate the photos. They are great.

  17. Beautiful eyes! And love the redhair and freckles ... same as my youthful self and children!

  18. Hi, beautiful!! :)

    Wow -- what big beautiful eyes you have!! (but glad that your teeth are normal sized! haha! get it???)

    What a sweet gift to give your children: some pics to remember you by! Yay!!

    And your wrinkles look like smile wrinkles -- so that's good. And I think freckles are adorable! ha! Isn't it interesting how different we look in a pic then in a mirror???

    And you rocked your OOF shot again! ha! (ahem, I tried to get one today, but nope, didn't like it at all!! ugh! But I'm going to get one that I love!!)


  19. Katie, you are a natural, beauty with captivating eyes. Great photos :)

  20. Wrinkles, schminkles -- you're still hot, Katie!!

  21. You have done an amazing thing with your out of focus shots. Who would have ever known that could be such a wonderful thing?!? Love them!! Your eyes are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I can't wait to see them in person...along with the wrinkles and freckles. :) You are beautiful Katie!

  22. Katie, Love these!!! They are fabulous, fun and inspiring. Your eyes are beyond beautiful, your hair is gorgeous, love the color!

  23. Really beautiful Katie- you AND the photos ;)

  24. you're a beauty! the eyes, wow! i must have missed this post because I check in all the time, and I read about it on your post for today! the photos really did turn out great!!!

  25. WOW!! that is SUCH a great SP!! love the tones :) so nice to see the face behind the camera :)


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