Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Little Girl

Last night after Rowan's bath she came downstairs carrying her pajamas.
{good thing our blinds were shut}


But she didn't want any help getting dressed.


This look {below} captures her mischievous nature perfectly.
{don't let that hint of innocence fool you...she's recently learned to blame everything on her big brother}


Of course, she's also rather silly.
{but don't tell her that. she'll get mad and scream at you that she's not.}


I know being her mother makes me ridiculously biased, but seriously, this sweet little face will melt your heart.


{ok, enough mush}

I bet 10 minutes had passed by the time she actually attempted getting dressed.
{probably because she stopped after every move for a picture}


...but then...
she got stuck.


and decided she'd wear her shirt like this...


{she's so, um...not at all silly.}

the long road


  1. I love how you captured this. My youngest is so like her... always wanting to do it herself. If her big sister would just learn to not step in and cause the scream....

  2. Too cute!! Great set of photos!!
    My 3 yr old wll do the same if told he is a silly guy!!
    Enjoy your day!!!

  3. soooo cute, beautiful captures.

  4. I too love how you captured this! My daughter is determined to dress her self as well and every time she gets stuck or comes out with her pants on her head. :)

  5. How adorable! You can tell she's got the little glimmer in her eye in that mischievous shot she just needs a evil laugh and you might have a cute little monster on your hands!

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds my kids irresistible. The thing I love about these is you can only see her, but there is a relationship going on in these photos. They are fabulous!

  7. LOL that cracks me up. My sister had a thing with being naked. Used to run outside naked. Me...not so much.

  8. So very sweet! TracyP's comment was spot-on! there is a relationship going on here, hmmm food for thought . . .

  9. I come down firmly on this side: you can never gush too much about your children. The older they get, the more to gush about!
    blessings, k

  10. She is absolutely adorable Katie!
    These are such wonderful shots.

  11. WOW- I can't get over how amazing her eyes are!

  12. Ha! What a personality on that girl! I love your storytelling of it all too.. :)

  13. These are too sweet! It's the little moments like this that you've captured that you'll remember forever!

  14. hehe... cute story! and such a darlin' little girl! :)

    btw, I had a food post the day before yesterday (wed) and a post going up tomorrow (fri) that I think you'll really like... cause you inspired parts of them! :)

  15. Too cute and adorable! I love your processing, too.

    My "baby" is always changing her clothes and entering rooms half clothed, but she is okay being called silly--baby is what we get corrected on :)

  16. Adorable kid, beautifully captured!! Too bad she's camera shy -- ahem.

  17. HA HA HA!! Love that third picture. i can't wait to meet little miss. She is such a doll. My girls are going to LOVE her!!!!


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