Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt - Iowa Edition

My 1-year blogoversary is coming up next month and I am hoping to celebrate with a really fun and special week of goodies!
I'm looking for five sponsors during the week of September 12th.
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Ok, I think these are the last shots from Iowa...

1. Geometry
This is the stairway to a doppler radar tower. This particular one was build a few thousand feet from my grandparents' home. During a recent storm the big ball of this radar tower flew off, over their grain bins and landed in their front yard, missing their new porch by mere feet. But that's not all...some other giant metal part also flew off and landed about 20 feet from their car!
Talk about a miracle! I think God was watching over them that night.

2. Brushstrokes
Just for kicks, who can guess what this is?

3. Hanging by a Thread
If living next to a doppler radar tower wasn't bad enough, my grandparents also live under two extremely large radio (?) towers, which are supported by a ton of large cables.
{if they ever sell their home, that realtor has their work cut out for them!!!}

4. Collage
These were all edited using Nelly Nero's Autumn Vintage.
{love this free action!}
And of course the collage template is by Alicia.
{love her massive amounts of inspirational talent!}

5. On the Dotted Line
Pretty self explanatory.


  1. Love the collage!
    There was a house in our town back in England that had two electrical towers in the front yard. I wonder how relators ever manage to sugarcoat that one ;)

  2. These are great! Love the geometry and hanging by a thread!

  3. These are amazing, Katie...especially those "threads"!

  4. All beautiful shots Katie! I have no idea what that is.

  5. These are great, Katie. I have no idea what that one could be. Knowing you it could be anything.

  6. Beautiful shots Katie! I'm thinking the red abstract is a close up of one of the ferris wheel seats.

  7. Beautiful shots. I like them all!

  8. Love the geometry shot...all those angles and lines against that beautiful blue sky. Perfect!


  9. Hanging by a thread is such a great shot... I would love to be able to shoot that! Loving your brushstrokes it the inside of a glass? That's my guess ;)

  10. I lovelovelove the last one!!!

  11. Beautiful. Loved the leading line!

  12. Love the collection!
    But I have no idea what the brush stokes one could be. Hummm...
    But it's pretty.


  13. Really a miracle. These captures are really stunning.

  14. Katie these are so good - I love how you've composed that 2nd one and I wouldn't fancy any of those anywhere near my back garden. With taking a blogging break I missed that template so thankyou for the link. OK you have to explain to me what a realtor is LOL! and I haven't a clue what the brushstrokes is either.

  15. I'm speechless about the radar tower landing on your grandparents front yard. they're truly blessed, despite the neighborhood. radio towers too!! that's a lot of electricity going on around them. no idea what your brushstrokes is. maybe powder? your collage is so summery and the whole hunt is so creative. congrats :) love your work. xo

  16. I have no idea what it is, but I love the brushstrokes shot. And the perspective on the radio tower is just WOW!

  17. Every little thing you do is magic! Love the entire set my friend but I have no idea what your brushstrokes is.

  18. Awesome set! I agree with Ashley!

  19. these are great, love the collage!

  20. Nice finds. Did you happen to have a pork chop on a stick while at the fair?

  21. Beautiful shots! So much light captured!

  22. Love them all. Geometry is super interesting and I love your collage. Great set.

  23. Don't get to close to that dotted line!!!

  24. All are great but my favorite is the last one!

  25. you totally nailed this week, gorgeous! I especially love geometry. The blue sky is so bold yet soft at the same time. Nice!

  26. I am going to guess that the brushstrokes photo is car lights???? Not sure just thought I would give it a try. :)

  27. I absolutely LOVE this set of photos! The fair looks like a lot of the color blocks you included. They add a great touch!


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