Monday, August 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt - Last Trip to Deanna Rose

Thursday we finally had a break from the all too familiar heat advisory!!
At high of was glorious!
So on a whim the kids and I headed out to the farmstead.
With vacations and school coming up quick, it may very well be our last trip of the season.

1. Two
Two pretty white gladiolas. We had a light rain in the morning and some of the drops were still hanging around.

2. Whatever
In the same garden as the gladiolas were some veggies.
Here's a beautiful red cabbage:

3. Sweet
This kid was hilarious and full of spunk! He would run back and forth to whomever he thought had more food in hand. And then he'd stick his tiny cute head right through the fence.
...just look at that smile...

4. Space
This is where the sheep live.
They were huddled under a tree, obviously not utilizing their large amount of space.
{or maybe they had already used it....ahem.}

5. Bright
Here's another shot from the garden. There were tons of these Black Eyed Susans.
{and this shot is sooc!}

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  1. ya know I love this place.. and my 7 year old just happened by and saw the kid.. she said, I remember in Kansas the place where we bottle fed the babies like that!

  2. Katie - that white flower absolutely gave me chills it is so beautiful!

  3. Love that goat smile! Gorgeous flower! And great SOOC!

  4. These are fun and whimsical interpretations of this weeks list, thanks for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous finds! I especially love your “Brown-eyed” Susan’s. Just beautiful!

  6. Love that black-eyed susan sooc ... great shot!

  7. These are all great! Love that first one and your comment on the space shot made me laugh :)

  8. So pretty!! We have not been to deanna rose since spring and I was just thinking this week would be great. your pictures have inspired me to take the girls!

  9. LOVE, love, LOVE all of your shots!!! And the smile on that little kid!

  10. Beautiful set...although I expect nothing less...Love that smile on the kid. :)

  11. Such beautiful work! I have come to expect nothing less. :)

    Boy, 85 sounds like sweater weather to me right now. :/ We're on our 37th (?) consecutive day of 100+ temps. Ugh! Glad you got a respite from the heat, though!

  12. Beautiful set! Love your sweet shot as well, great minds think alike! ;-)

  13. Aww! The little goat kid looks so cute! Great picture! ;)

  14. What a fun series of photos, Katie. I have to agree, the little goatie pic is so cute. :)

  15. Awww..that kid is adorable! I love little goats. :) Kind of sad it may be your last visit huh?? It's hard to believe summer is done and school is back in.

  16. Really lovely photos! Love the drops on the white flowers, so beautiful!

  17. First time on your blog and I am deeply moved. Your flora pics are stunning!
    God Bless~~~~~~


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