Monday, September 26, 2011

Tea Time

I love bone china tea sets, even though I don't drink tea.
They are so dainty and feminine and pretty.

I found this one while garage sale-ing {which I also love} for $0.75!
Well worth every penny if you ask me.

{I also got a mini oil lamp, a pretty bead bracelet, and a gorgeous blue pitcher...all of which I will photograph and share at some point.}




On Friday I'll be sharing the itinerary for the 31 Days to Releasing Your Inner Artist series.
I'm really excited about it and hope you are too!
Even though it starts on a Saturday I hope you'll take a few minutes to come back and check it out.
You'll also want to come back on Monday for the first of five link-up exercises!

If you Tweet, use #InnerArtist to share about the series, or any tips and comments you have along the way!


  1. Gorgeous - I really want a set like this. Just to photograph if for no other reason. Love it.

  2. LOVE!


  3. What a pretty set, I love tea... and tea sandwiches, though they are the size of one bite ;P

  4. I do love tea, but I normally consume coffee. Tea, in my opinion is perfecto when you are sick.

    Right now I'm drinking tea, and I'm loving this picture.

  5. beautiful pictures indeed!!!!

  6. Beautiful tea cup and shot - love the first one!

  7. these are just beautiful shots! love that first one!!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Tea cups always make me think about my Grandma Miller. She gave me many of her tea cups because when I was 14 she asked me what kind of dishes I would collect if I could and the only thing my 14 year old mind could think of was tea cups. :) I love my collection so much more since she passed.

  9. That is very pretty! My parents have lots of tea stuff in their antique shop. We'll have to take a visit there when you come down. :)

  10. Tea set suits you perfectly! Love the soft focus shots...

  11. Gorgeous! And I agree with Ashley...I don't drink tea but would love a set just to photograph it! :)


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