Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Be a Digital Pack Rat - Day 19

Today's lesson is a very simple one:
Save all your images.
ALL images.
Even the really bad ones.

I can not tell you how many times I have gone back through year-old files and found usable images that at the time I thought were only worthy of the trash can.

As my skills progress, I find I'm better able to edit and manipulate images.
Sometimes I can save the entire image, other times I use a portion of it or as an overlay, and in many cases those old images serve as great creative-springboards!

ETA: A lot of you have mentioned that you just don't have the space to save all those image files. And I totally get that! My computer's hard drive was at max capacity about a year ago. So I took the plunge and bought the Western Digital WD Elements 1 TB External Hard Drive. That's a terabyte! 1,024 gigabytes. It cost me $70 and I am so glad I got it! Now I can shoot in RAW + jpg mode and not worry about the file sizes.

31 Days


  1. Only if tomorrow's lesson is "get it right the first time!" There are not enough hard drives in the universe. ;-)

  2. I'm with Tracy! I'm hoping to get more space, but if I kept everything I'd be overwhelmed.

    I do keep a lot though and there were some pretty bad pictures that I kept because of what they were supposed to be that are now salvageable with LR or PS. It makes me very happy!

  3. I often worry about some of the shots I do save... Thank you for validating my hoarding :-) BUT I do clear out the super bad ones!

  4. Ah, here's where I half agree with you! If I have 10 pics of almost the exact same thing, I keep 3 at the most. I do keep more than what I think is necessary, but I'm also pretty ruthless when it comes to culling my images. Even though I have a 1tb back up drive, I get super overwhelmed if I have too many images....

    But the biggest cure I've found to deleting less and keeping more? Shooting with purpose! I think carefully (well, try to) before I shoot and when I get the shot (even if its only the 2nd image) I try to move on and try something different. :)

  5. Sooo true!!! I have thrown out pictures that I can specifically remember and wish I hadn't. All because at the time they weren't "perfect". Now those memories are only in my head. Bad mistake.


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