Friday, October 14, 2011

Be Negative - Day 14

Ah, negative space.
I love it!
It's so simple and pure and allows you to focus on the subject without distraction.

Bowl of Limes - 20x30 Fine Art Food Photography Print - Minimalist Negative Space Green Round Geometric Home Decor Photo

But it also adds interest.
Just imagine if all this negative space was replaced with...stuff.
It would drastically change the image.

(by the way....this is my gorgeous not-little-anymore sister, who's senior portraits I shot last weekend! I'll have to share more shots once the 31 Days series is over.)

And sometimes...
negative space consumes the frame and becomes your subject.

Water Ripples - 8x8 Fine Art Nature Photography Print - blue ocean waves ripple in the wind in this minimalist home decor photo

Simple and beautiful.

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31 Days


  1. oh how I love negative space... i use it a lot in my catalog work....great Senior shot!!! can not wit to see more

  2. You just spoke my language (as if you hadn't all along) - I love me some negative space!

  3. I love negative space, but I have a question. I'm an amateur photographer, shoot mostly kids, usually in manual and I understand the rule of thirds. If you were to frame the beautiful picture of your very beautiful sister, the frame would probably cover more of her head. I TRY to shoot so that, if I decide to frame a picture, everything I want to see, can be seen. Does this make sense? Is this an acceptable photographic concept? I love your photography and have enjoyed the "31 days". Thank you for sharing your talent.

  4. DebZorn - Thanks for stopping by! It is absolutely acceptable to shoot with framing/matting in mind! I personally don't worry about cutting off part of a head in a portrait. I'm more focused on the subject's beautiful (or handsome) face and want that to be the focal point, so losing part of a head is no big deal to me. But, I tend to break the traditional rules of photography! ;) Ultimately, you need to just shoot how you want and do what you think looks best...there's really no right or wrong! :)

  5. I really like your photos.Thanks for sharing what you know with us=)

  6. Loving that senior portrait! I'm ready to see some more. I like negative space too. I'm not sure how well I do with it, but I try.

  7. I've always been intrigued by negative space... but looking back, I'm not thinking I ever really paid attention to get it right! hehe

    Love this: Just imagine if all this negative space was replaced with...stuff.

    Hum, then it would be cluttered, and not positive space either! :-D


  8. That's kind of cool. At first I was confused about what the post was all about when I read the title, but it all came together. Yeah...I was slow to catch on.


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