Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dust Off Your Thick Skin - Day 2

Yesterday we talked about how it's ok to not share the negative aspects of your work and instead focus on why it's wonderful and why your audience should like it too.

What we didn't talk about is that not everyone will love everything you create.
In fact, many people will hate it, despite the fact that you've just given them a handful of reasons why it's good. 
And many of them will freely express their dislike.
Some of them will even tell you to your face.


But once you can move past the hurt that may come with a negative comment, you can be open to constructive criticisms and in turn, improve your technique.

Some people really, truly want to help you become better at your chosen medium.
They will give you specific reasons why something isn't working for them.
Listen to these might learn something.

But some people are just haters.
They are opinionated and that's about it.
This photo of paintbrushes was originally a custom photograph I made for a friend of ours.
And it is one of the better liked listings in my shop.
But my mom hates it!
And I mean hates.
She can not understand why anyone would want to buy it. And she's told me this on at least one occasion.

There is, however, one good thing you can take away from the strongly and negatively opinionated...they are not your target market. And that can be a valuable bit of information, especially if your art is your business!

Over the years I've learned to put on my thick skin and let those negative comments sail on through my ears, right out the other side.
{I actually visualize those comments moving right on out the other side of my head! Weird, perhaps, but for me it's very effective.}

Ultimately, if a comment doesn't help then it probably hurts.
And I don't need that negative mojo up in my creative space.
Do you?!
{I thought not}

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31 Days


  1. That would be my 'effective' ability to, Katie...visualizing the in one ear and out the other. No, I'm not one to take the criticism hurts and I'd rather not hear it. BUT....big BUT....there are some people who know how to offer a helping word, rather than criticize and to them, I'm wide open :)

  2. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. I do like comments, negative and positive ones. Do I take the negative comments well ? Not really. Do I like the negative comments ? Yes. Yes, I do, because they make me want to do better.
    I few months ago I posted a photo for a critique on a very public website. I really loved my image, but still... something was missing. I received some critiques, on what was right, what was wrong... I love them all because they helped me to see my work in a different manner. Am I going to change what I do? Absolutely not, but I will try to make it better, so the haters might be able to appreciate what I do (even though they will never say).

  4. Well I for one like the pic you shared! Something I'd inspire to take, but not get that umph you got! :)

    I so need to remember this! Love your thoughts on dealing with this: remembering the haters aren't your target audience and letting the negative just flow away... I also remind myself that I'm doing this to please God and myself... No one else has to like it or see what I see.... Now, I still love getting the lovin' comments and the constructive criticism, but know it won't always be peaches and cream. :)


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