Saturday, October 8, 2011

Go With Your Gut - Day 8

Have you ever had a moment when you knew without a doubt that a certain scene or thing would make a perfect photo, but you didn't take the time to stop and actually press the shutter button?

And then later that day...or maybe later that keep kicking yourself in the tukis for not getting the shot?

Ummm, yeah. I think we've all been there.

This windmill is on the side of a highway around where we used to live. I passed it so many times and every time wished I had stopped to get a picture. Then one day I did stop. I pulled onto the shoulder, rolled down my window and took several shots.
And, three years later, I'm still happy I took five minutes out of my day to get a shot of this windmill.

Kansas Windmill in the Flint Hills - 8x10 Fine Art Vintage Style Photography Print - Old Fashioned Sepia Photo of a Windmill in the Midwest

Creative moments can be fleeting and if you don't seize them when they present themselves, you might not get another chance.
So take that five minutes and get the shot!

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31 Days


  1. This is so true! I have started allowing myself the time to pull over if I want to. In fact, just yesterday, I pulled over twice to take pictures.

    Thank you for doing this 31 Days!

  2. Yep, I have been there.. Or I have forgot my camera. Just as bad.. This is such a gorgeous shot...

  3. So true! I can't tell you how many possibly great shots I've missed also because I didn't have my camera on me... one of these days I'll learn!

    Great photo! I'm glad you stopped too and shared this beauty with us!

  4. Oh I have done this more times then I care to admit...sometimes I will have my camera..the lighting is perfect and I have had such a hard day, I just want to pick up my girls and get home...but would it kill me to get the shot that I will think about for the next week...or month...because I will not get that light or that time back!!!!!

    I want to join this challenge even though I will be behind! How do I???

  5. YUP! Totally get this one... I have learned my lessons as well :-)

  6. Oh so true!!! I have definitely been there and done that. Beautiful picture of that windmill. Who would have ever thought you would be able to use it to help others?!


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