Monday, November 7, 2011

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Do you ever have those moments...days...weeks of insecurities? 
Where things just don't go quite as you want them, when everyone else seems to have better camera gear or better ideas, and the only people you see are succeeding infinitely more than you?

For me, days like these seem to come and go in cycles where inspiration is fleeting, motivation runs and hides, and a voice inside my head tells me I'm a failure for not having X amount of sales, X amount of clients, and X amount of followers.

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Tonight I'm watching Julie & Julia, which I think is a perfect movie for these moments...days...weeks of insecurities. 
After all, that's kind of what this movie is all about!
There will be people who tell you to give up; to quit; that what you're doing doesn't really matter. 
And then there are people who encourage you, who push you to keep doing what you do because they believe in you
...even when you don't believe in yourself.

Thank you
to all of my believers!

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  1. I do try to remind myself of why and whom I want to please...but somedays it is so easy to just be discouraged by what I lack in terms of talent and skill instead of being thankful for what God has given me.

  2. Yes, exactly. It's hard going through the slumps, but being centered makes everything okay.

  3. Yep, been there, done that, got several t-shirts! ha!

    Yes, it's hard not to compare yourself to others, to not get down and frustrated and annoyed with "expectations" whether self-imposed or from other sources.

    The best thing I've found is to start counting my blessings -- to stop and return to focusing on Christ and not on me... and you know, that puts it so much more in perspective.

    You rock, my friend!!! Hang in there - keep your eyes on things above and not on things of this world! (so cliche but yet so true!)


  4. Don't listen to the people who tell you to quit and try to cause you to feel like everything you do is worthless. I'm watching Julie and Julia for the second time and was on the phone with my dear woman friend...odd time for a phone call but it's the best time we have.

    Have a great day and brakhot!!

  5. All well said ... stay focused on oneself and goals, it makes everything good!

  6. Thanks for this... needed something like this to lift me up... Been on a downward spiral for quite sometime... Thanks again for the post...
    Math Practice

  7. Katie, another Photographer friend and I met yesterday morning over bagels and the yummiest vanilla-chai tea that I've ever had. We talked about this, well...I did, mostly.

    She has told me many times that it was my photography that inspired her to begin, and wondered why I didn't start a business of my own.

    Well, I did - finally. And...I find myself feeling all of what you've written about here - but then, I remember why I waited so long to branch out.

    I'm a mother first, that's my heart. For me, I can only do what I do when they're busy - outside, at a friends house or at school. My time is limited and no matter how many sessions that I have {because I LOVE taking pictures of people} - the time that it takes for editing can sometimes steal their mother away...even if it is just my brain attention. They need me to listen, not just hear them.

    It's a hard balance for me, but I keep telling myself that God will only give to me what I can handle. Yes, I'd love to be the busy photographer lady with all kinds of clients and people passing on my number - but do I really have time for it in this season of my life? I have just enough and the rest will be there when God provides me for more.

    You're a beautiful photographer, child of God and woman.

  8. Oh, and I LOVED that movie!!! Another one...Eat, Pray, Love ;)

  9. too funny I was watching that last nite too.

    Yep been there done that. But I remind myself I am doing this for myself and God no one else.

  10. I always say that it is the hard times that builds character and it isn't so much what happened to you but how you respond! So, I suppose then we should be grateful for difficult times.

  11. this is such a great post and i can to relate to exactly what you wrote! your blog is a true inspiration to me and i just love reading and looking at all of your beautiful works of art!

  12. Very true! Thanks for the encouragement this morning : )

  13. This post is so true. I have those moments so often. It is nice to know I am not alone. I am glad you find encouragement. :)

  14. yup def loving these sayings you posted!!

  15. Katie -- I guess we all struggle with those insecurities -- I know I do. Your blog has helped inspire and encourage me in so many ways. I want to encourage you in that! And I also love to watch Julie & Julie for the great message of not giving up on your dreams!

  16. You go girl! You are right on. I think insecurities are part of the human condition; even the most successful people in their fields fight insecurities. Is x better than me? Why did x get promoted when I was clearly the better choice? Why can't I be more like x? I saw a quote on Pinterest (no surprises there!) that said, "Comparison is the thief of joy." So darn true!


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