Monday, November 14, 2011

Blah Blah Blah...

There have been some {more} changes around here.
You've likely noticed one of them: the blog width.

99% of the time I'm on the internet is with my laptop, which has a seriously wide screen. 
The other day I hopped on our desktop and realized I had not taken into consideration the fact that not everyone has a mammothly wide screen. I searched for a tutorial on how to make my site automatically adjust to perfectly fit everyone's screen...because I know it's out there...but I came up short. So until I can find that magic code I have settled for a narrower format. Please let me know if my site does not fit your page!
{and why hadn't anyone told me before!?!?}


Another change that has occurred: Scripture & a Snapshot is now open all week long!
Saturday night through Saturday morning.
'Cause giving God the glory should happen all week long!
{not sure why it took me over a year to come to that...}


If you read my Project Pinterest posts you learned last week of my insatiable love for thrift stores in general and the Salvation Army {SA for short} in particular. Over the weekend my family came for a visit, so I shoveled the kids off on my mom and my sister and I went thrifting...on a Saturday...which happens to be "Sale Saturday" at the SA!! Every item of clothing with a yellow or blue tag was $0.49! I literally went through hundreds of shirts and sweaters scouring for those elusive yellow and blue tags.
I could have easily spent my entire day looking through every. single. item in that store.
My sister? Probably would have liked to have called it quits after the first hour...but being the great sister she is, indulged me for a second hour of thrifting.

Wanna see what I got??

White knit Gap sweater - $0.49
{which I will wear as that neckline!}
{my ruffle scarf is this week's project for Project Pinterest...come back on Thursday for that one!}

Gray cable-knit sweater - $0.49
{This is a L and way too big for me, so I plan to make arm warmers/fingerless gloves and at least one other project from this sweater}

Coralish-Orange Aeropostale cable-knit sweater - $0.49
{this is an XS, which I most definitely can not wear, so it will likely end up as some sort of project}

And I shared this one with you for one of my Scavenger Hunt items.
Isn't it wonderful?!
Vintage printer's drawer - $5.00


  1. I am in love with the drawer.

    And I've never had a problem viewing your blog. Maybe I have a wide screen?

  2. KAtie-- i too have wide screens on both desktop and laptop so i never noticed :) ... but awesome deals.. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your projects! Your posts make me smile when i see a new one from you :) thanks so much for all you do and AMEN to praising God all week long

  3. I dont think I have a super big screen and it has always been ok for me.

  4. Wow! Great finds, Katie! Can't wait to learn about your scarf!

  5. What great finds! And such a pretty scarf!

  6. Oh, and love the selfie! (And I'm so excited I actually got to post today! As usually Blogger doesn't let me!)

  7. Katie, i'm super jealous of your printer's drawer . . . how sweet is that? always love a good thrift find!

  8. Wow, what great finds! I would make boot socks with one of those sweaters, in fact that is one of the things I am going to try and make for project interest myself :)

  9. I never mentioned I couldn't see your whole screen at once because I thought everyone had the same size screen and so I didn't know it could be viewed any differently. Great finds. A day of shopping sans children - priceless.

  10. Woot woot!! It's Katie! :) What great finds you were able to get. Sometimes digging is the best thing. That sweater looks perfect on ya! I never noticed anything with the blog stuff or I would have mentioned it. hmmmm....maybe my computer works like yours. Ha!

  11. Well, good on you for the thrift shopping!!! I love the newblog layout; I'm planning on giving my main blog a make-over before the new year! Maybe I can ask for you guidance!


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