Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scripture & a Snapshot - Week 61

Proverbs 3:5-6

You may have noticed...I used this verse last week, too.
But it is so incredibly appropriate for where my family is right now that nothing else felt right.

For over a year now my husband has been applying for promotions at work and has been passed over and rejected for more positions than I care to recall. And it's not because he's fact, it's just the opposite as he's one of the top reps in the country for his company. Yet at every opportunity the doors would slam shut.
{It was never very gentle.}

And I questioned God and His plan.
Our conversations went something like this over the last year:
"God, um...we're right here. Did you forget about us?"
"God, why not that one?!"
"God!!! I can not take it anymore! Just show us your plan already!!!!"
{yes, I shouted at God. thankfully He is very forgiving and patient...which is more than I can say for myself.}
"Ok. I give. You know what is best and we will follow where you lead us. But please let it be somewhere good and also if you could give us hints, that would be great."

And finally He opened a door. that is taking us to Houston, Texas...

So y'all down around Houston better give me a shout!
 ;) hindsight, I think He may have given us hints...
When we joined our small group a few months ago the very first question we were asked was:
"Do you have any plans to apply for a job out of state?"
Which we thought was odd, but it turns out that the last two couples who left the group moved to Texas.
And their homes sold quickly...please pray that we can follow their lead "two-for-two"!


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  1. Hi Katie,
    God bless your new adventure!
    you can be sure that if you follow His lead, He will bring good success! He never disappoints us!

    Patsy from

  2. I have had this picture and scripture done for a long time now and I keep forgetting to post it. When I went to put it up I saw that this is the very same verse that you did for this week. Quite a coincidence!

  3. Oh Katie,
    How well I understand your cries to God. Same boat, girlfriend. Same boat. My hubby is so hard-working, and so under-appreciated! Thanks for reminding me that it's all in the Lord's hands.

    At first when I read your post, I was all, "oh no - Katie's moving?????" And then I was like, "duh - she'll still be on-line!!!" Hurray for blogging. Big hugs to you, Friend. ~Sally

  4. Oh wow, Katie! God has some big changes for you guys! Praying for the house to sell quickly and for the move to go smoothly! Also that the job is perfect. I so know about doors being shut for husbands... this has been happening a lot for mine in the last year.

  5. Isn't it amazing how God just puts a verse on your heart and leaves it there a while?!?! I am thrilled at this new opportunity for y'all. I am so glad the Lord has shown the way and that this door was left open and not slammed closed. After all, it just means we are that much closer to each other now. :)

  6. Katie, I pray God will go before you every step of the way and bless you beyond all you can ask or think!

  7. You are moving to Houston?! And here I am just having moved away, albeit a long temporary away. :)

    Email me if there is anything I can help you with, my friend. I have my certain favorite parts of town... y'know, like close to where our house still is... Excited for your new adventure!

  8. Congrats on the job change, and I pray that y'all don't mind a whole lot of traffic!

  9. so happy for you. i know this feeling all too well. He's okay with a little shouting every know and then. you were just making your request known;)

  10. I grew up in Texas - San Antonio, to be precise. Our family never expected to be there long. 25 years later, we're still there! (Well, my parents are still there.) I'm so thankful for a clear answer to your prayers, even if it took time. Beautiful picture, as always! Many blessings to you and your family in this time of transition.

  11. Love that verse! It seems to me that God is just waiting for us to surrender our worries over to him and that is when he opens the doors. It is a very good reminder that he indeed has a plan for us, and we just have to follow it and stop trying to make our own path.

  12. Praying everything falls into place quickly for you!

  13. Congrats on the new job and WELCOME TO TEXAS! How exciting that y'all are moving here... we're about 3.5 hours away in San Antonio! Praying things will go well with your move!

  14. Congratulations, Katie! Wonderful news! I will be praying for a quick home sell and a safe journey!

  15. It's always important to remember we need to trust in Him even when it appears He isn't listening... He always is of course but we need to remain patient, faithful and trust that He will provide in His time (not ours).

    Great image and great reminder! :)

  16. Texas.... I'm gonna be visiting Texas someday... :-D

    Love the photo (beautiful light, bokeh, lines, and yep, just over a perfect shot in my book!) and the verse is perfect with it! (see how God's fenced in your path on either side!!!??? You just keep your hand on the rail and he'll guide you though!)

    Love how you're so honest and real - God knows what we're thinking and feeling anyway: why not give him all our emotions - he's a big God, he can take it! And the best part is, he forgives and forgets anything we may say that might be... um... in the heat of the moment... hehe!

    I'm so excited for these changes in your house - and am praying for a quick sale and as little stress and pain as possible in the next few months!!


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  18. Hi Katie!

    I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

    Your photos are amazing as always! :)

  19. It's just a matter of time and God's plan is awesome.

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!


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