Sunday, February 12, 2012

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This week is going to be a busy one.
I have at least six big 'errands' that must be done.
with drama queen in tow }
Plus, my awesome in-laws are coming for a long weekend visit!
{ no sarcasm there...I'm seriously happy they're coming. }
...and while I know full well that they won't judge or think less of me for having a messy house,
{ in fact, my mil would gladly help me clean...not in a 'you're worthless, so I'll do it' way, but rather a 'you're busy with young kids and cleaning should take a back seat to them...let me help you with this because I love you' way. See? I told you they're awesome! }

I'd like to make their stay with us relaxing and pleasant...which means on top of those important errands I also have a lot of cleaning to do.

And since I'm a wee bit scatter brained lists are essential to accomplishing everything.

...wish me luck this week!...


  1. I will pray that Drama Queen will be under control and amazing during your errands. Lists are very helpful in getting things done in my world. One room at a time is my theory too... otherwise nothing gets done.

  2. Oh... LOVE the shot... love the color, the blurred background, the peacefulness...

  3. Good luck! Love the spiral texture. My mom used to have my grandma clean the things in the china cabinet when she came to stay with us. I think letting her help is an awesome idea!

  4. Good luck!! Love it when in-laws are a delight and treasure to have!! :) Enjoy them and the time together -- and the additional help! :) I love to-do lists... mostly checking stuff off them, though! ha! I have an app on my phone because I have a bad habit of loosing/forgetting hand written lists at work. Since I never forget my phone, it's perfect! :) Have a great week!!! (scatter-less brain and all!)

  5. enjoy the visit with your in-laws! i adore my in-laws as well... they are so loving and sweet. what a blessing!!!

    hope you get your errands done. don't get distracted... focus focus focus! :)

  6. I would love for your MIL to come visit ME! jk. Hope you have a fab time with them.

  7. Praise God you have a great MIL. Not too many people can say that! Hope everything goes well and that missy prissy isn't too much of a drama queen. Love that picture....including the blurry drama queen.


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