Sunday, February 19, 2012

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How awesome is this beetle?!
My five year old son loves...and I mean LOVES...bugs.
We have checked out The Beetle Alphabet Bookfrom the library more times than I can count.
Which, surprisingly, has come in useful on a number of occasions.
The most recent occasion being today.

We found this gigantic beetle on our back patio and Grandma found his buddy in the landscape.
Both were alive and had super sticky legs.
It was totally cool!
...they turned out to be Ox Beetles...


  1. I love the processing, Katie. I have to admit I love watching dung beetles. :)

  2. What a cool find and a sweet editing on the shot!

  3. cool picture but ewwww... i don't think i'd ever get close enough to find out it had sticky legs! yuck!

  4. yuck...but I like the way you've processed it, Katie....looks like an album page ;)

  5. Love the edit. By the way, thanks for your tips on posting large photos. I did it yesterday and it was as easy as pie!Thanks!

  6. Great job capturing this guy!


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