Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Today is laundry day.
...technically the past two days have been laundry days with another one in sight...

If they sorted women by our aptitudes for housekeeping, I undoubtedly would be placed in the hoarder/slum dog category.
Cleaning and maintaining a spotless home is not my specialty.
Getting half done with a craft, then abandoning it for another craft...that's my specialty! ;)

Anywho, this shot is of our new washer, which I love. 
{not the HE bells, no whistles, no locking lid, just simple and perfect}
To get this look I ran the Rumors action by Paint the Moon {not a freebie} and then added a running water kind of overlay set at 50% soft light.


  1. okay .. so I am the abandon anything cause something else caught my but I love the acomplishment of laundry... and lov your new washer... your my kind of girl

  2. Right there with you, Katie....except when it comes to html and coding stuff, I can't seem to drop it {oh, and puzzles, too}.

  3. Very cool shot - love the edits... and I'm totally that kind of housekeeper.


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