Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Texas roadsides have a surprisingly large amount of really pretty wildflowers!

We went for a long family walk this afternoon and I found multiple spots with these pretty little purple ones.
...if I get brave enough, I'll go to the busy part of town and photograph the ditches there....they're gorgeous!

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  1. I love the colors in this shot - did you edit the sun in or is that the colors you captured?

  2. Ummm, hello! LOVE this one. Love. Did I say LOVE? =)

  3. The blend of colors is spectacular!

  4. Such a lovely photo! I don't think it would be possible to look at it and not be happy! The colors are gorgeous.

  5. That is so lovely and so summery. We have still snow here (Finland) and today snowed little more so this picture is very special.
    Have a great week

  6. This is the perfect blend of colors and sharpness. Beautiful!

  7. Just a small FYI.. Texas roadside are planted with native wildflowers.. and there is a whole scientific method to maintain a natural ecosystem... if ya'll ever visit us up here in DFW we can go to Paris and see the miles of flowering trees....

  8. I don't know which I like better...the tones or the actual picture. WOW!!! This is a perfect picture!


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