Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scripture & a Snapshot - Week 76

Happy March everyone!

Before we get to the linky this week there are some things that need addressing...

First, I must apologize.
I've been a terrible commenter and host. 
I am so sorry for not being an active part of this meme for far too long.

Over the past week I resolved to leave a comment on each of your entries.
And when doing so, I was saddened by the complete lack of comments being left for others.

I wholeheartedly admit that I have dropped the ball on this, too.
As host of this meme, I'm realizing I need to step up and be the example of what I expect from you, the participants.
...namely, interaction with others...

While this meme was created to give glory to God through our photos, it was also created to be a community where we support and encourage one another, where we share and interact.
I'm afraid that, like so many churches, this meme is dying. 
I think many of us - myself included - have simply been going through the motions.
...we find a photo, slap a verse on it, throw it in a post, link up and call it done...

This week let's not just go through the motions!
  Let's all be engaged and show love for one another through thoughtful and uplifting comments.
After all, behind each post is a real person.

...I don't expect you to comment on every about starting with the three ahead of yours?...

I'm also open to any suggestions or comments you may have to help improve S&S!




  1. I love your verse this week. A reminder for sure. Thank you for posting!!

  2. I think this is great! I think everyone gets so wrapped up in life.. it gets oh too easy to put off the simple things that mean so much ... I know when i get a comment from a stranger (new friend) ... It makes my day, week :) Thanks for the reminder! Beautiful verse this week!

  3. ohh...matthew west was on the marraige cruise we were just on...he rocks!! :)

  4. Wonderful post. I think it's easy to forget that we can encourage each other through our blogs. Great reminder!

  5. Dear Katie,

    You had quite a chaotic year with moving and everything. I think you did a fabulous job keeping up. We need to encourage one another, not depend on the "preacher"! Just a little humor there.

    God bless you, Katie, and thanks for keeping this forum open,

  6. I was just thinking how busy you've been with your move and all. I'm thankful for all you do for us.

  7. A beautiful shot with a perfect scripture! Thanks for hosting this link up Katie.

  8. I think we're thinking along the same lines this week. Becoming small. Beautiful photo and beautiful community.

  9. Wonderful post and thanks for highlighting this topic. Keep up the great work and I am blessed each week when I come to this meme. I like your shot and verse this week. Are those your kids and husband? So adorable, and so perfect for this post.

    1. Liz - Thanks for the reassurance that this meme does serve a purpose. The people in my photo are my kids and father-in-law. He is such an excellent example of how we should take an interest in others and be genuinely kind to everyone who crosses our paths!

  10. Love the song!! I put up a video this week instead of a photo. I'm guessing that it's okay to do that. I think you'll find it worthy. I love your photo and verse, sure didn't know Matthew West was needing did that go, do you know?

  11. Happy belated birthday. My daughter turns 16 on Wednesday. It feels surreal. I always love looking at your photography, it inspires me when I go on walks with my camera.

  12. Great encouragement. Thank you, Katie, for continuing to host this weekly link-up, as my heart is encouraged by these beautiful perspectives on God's Word.

  13. Yes Katie. You have SO MUCH BEAUTY collected here. Not only visually but in the faith filled hearts of those creating each image to visually honor God's words.

  14. Beautiful photo & symbolism with the verse. Perfect!

  15. Wonderful picture to go with your scripture... I find that so many people lead such busy lives and we all understand!

  16. Katie, I think that what you said was important to encourage all of us to be more of a participant in this meme. It's been a while since I've been here as it's been awhile since I've written.
    Thank you for hosting this meme and for the blessing it brings us as we see God's creativity demonstrated in so many people.

  17. You words are SOOOOOO convicting! Thank you! I do not want to be a dead anything, or a half-hearted anything, or a complacent anything.

    I just LOVE this meme, and am always so inspired by others. Thank you for following His leading.

  18. We're "on the same page" today, Katie! I just love how God speaks His truth (the same truth) to us in so many ways! Blessings on your week!

  19. I love how you simplify subjects in your photos. You do a great job. This verse is great too. He is our Rock our present help in times of trouble. Just need to remember this. God bless!


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