Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scripture & a Snapshot - Week 77


slightly adapted from Psalm 144:1 The Message
{ ...I used "rock" instead of "mountain"... }

I really like this version of Psalm 144:1.
Most versions talk about war and battle, which is literally what David was praising God for, but it doesn't apply to most of us in modern least not in the hand to hand bloody combat sense.

It does, however, apply to us in a broader sense.
We, as Christians, are all trying to disarm and kill the enemy: Satan.
He has waged war over us very impressionable, easily coerced and misled humans.
And he wins far too often.

Scripture even refers to him as the "ruler" of this world.

But when we put our faith and trust in God, He will give us the knowledge and tools needed to fight the battles against evil.
And He gives us the reassurance and promise that this epic war has already been won by Him!

"The time for judging this world has come, when Satan, the ruler of this world, will be cast out."
John 12:31

Last week our pastor actually spoke about Satan and demons.
This isn't a topic I expected during Lent, but is one I have a thousand questions about.
While no one but God has all the answers about Satan and demons, I found this sermon to be helpful and thought you might too.

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  1. I LOVE this picture and the wonderful font of the perfect Scripture. This is a keeper and would make a lovely poster/framed picture for a child's room.

    Great job!

  2. WOW i love this photo and the scripture is beautiful! Thank You for sharing! :) Will be posting mines tomorrow! Thanks for sharing the link! :) beautiful post

  3. I am always inspired by the creativity in your photography Katie. And thankful that Christ our Redeemer reigns victorious over the enemies schemes to thwart His plans for us. Thankful for you too.

  4. Wonderful scriptural lesson. I love pictures with scripture. They're a great way to memorize. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. wonderful photo, Katie....

    growing up, my mother taught me a few things about the enemy and his armies....God is stronger and it is in our weakness that the enemy can try to place fear upon us, but we will always overcome because we are full, Full of His Risen Spirit, overflowing and Able, we are :)

    the trouble is remembering as we're walking through the very short dark area of doubt as we listen to that schemers lies

  6. Katie - this is a wonderful post - I love this picture, and I enjoyed your version of the Scripture! My daughter and I are just exploring David, and I'm enjoying teaching her.

    We may not be suiting up with armor, but we're definitely engaged in a battle - I think Satan has wisely disguised the war against evil, so that we gloss over it.

  7. I love this picture; it may be one of my favorites. In the hand of God my Rock, even the weakest may be strong against the enemy. I haven't read it yet, but I think Francis Chan's latest, Erasing Hell, no doubt answers some of your questions. We have a very real enemy, which is why we needed a Savior. Praise His Name!

  8. I absolutely love this picture!!! The picture itself and the way you did the scripture on it! Magnificent job!!

  9. Hugs! Great pic and message! :)

  10. Doh! I replied on your last post... Look before you publish! I love this shot- you simplify subjects so well. And the power in the verse is amazing. God bless!

  11. Love this illustration - and a great reminder!

  12. I love how you did the lettering in this photo! I listened to a sermon last week regarding Satan. We really need to know the Word to be on guard and fight the attacks.

  13. I have been thinking on this all week. I am not normally a fan of The Message, but this gave me food for thought. I love your picture too!


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