Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{ 061 } :: 325

I always love looking at other people's 10 on 10 posts.
...kind of makes me feel like I just hung out with them all day...
And their days are usually more exciting than mine. 

Keeping that in mind, here's how my very-first-ever 10 on 10 day looked:
...so grab a chair and a glass of wine...here we go...

10-10---7-54 10-10---8-52 10-10---9-59
10-10---11 10-10---12-48 10-10---1-06
10-10---2-08 10-10---4-37 10-10---5-36

7:54 - Time for new contacts...aahhhh.

8:52 - Deep cleaned the oven...including underneath the burners! Huh, huh?! Yeah! Look at that baby shine.

9:59 - Played "Picture Hunt" with Rowan in her Highlights magazine...I won. 

11:00 - Moving right along to deep clean the microwave...

12:48 - While rinsing some stuff in the kitchen sink, I had this view out my window. Hint: there are two lizards and I don't think they're just hugging...right on my windowsill...oh, the indiscretion of nature! Seth had mentioned earlier that there are a ton of lizards outside...can't imagine how that happened.

1:06 - My Walmart clearance orchids now have three gorgeous blooms! Best $2.50 I've spent in a long time.

2:08 - Any guesses what this is???....I think I just heard someone say it....looking through the vacuum hose attachment. ...because deep cleaning the oven and microwave, washing dishes, organizing the pantry, cleaning the window over the kitchen sink...inside, outside and the screen...just wasn't enough cleaning for me today. I also vacuum-dusted the blinds in our breakfast nook. 

4:37 - Finally finished deep cleaning the entire kitchen and rewarded myself with a few games of MarioKart Wii with Rowan. I'd much rather have had a Coke and about five Snickers bars, but alas, I've gained 5 pounds since we moved....a mere three months ago...so junk food is taking a back seat for awhile. ...although I did eat a king size Payday, but those have a lot of nuts and a lot of nuts means a lot of protein which is something my body needs anyway. 

5:36 - About this time of evening all the neighborhood kids are outside playing in the circle. Rowan was selecting a new outfit as her shirt-with-no-pants attire was mildly inappropriate, despite what those lizards may think. We were playing camera-tag for this photo. 

7:54 - Part of my dinner was a glass of wine and a sweet potato in fries form. Mmmm. 


  1. SO FUN!!! I see what you mean, I feel like I spent the entire day with you and Rowan!

  2. what a great idea! love the glimpse into your day, in spite of your inappropriate pictures of deep cleaning your kitchen. shhh... you're going to make people think that's a normal thing to do.

    1. lol...oh, it's anything but typical for me...so much so I felt the need to document it. ;)

  3. Love them! Looks like both a productive and fun day!


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