Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm thankful for...

1. My children.
I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today without them.

B Up-Close


2. Planes that remind me of my Grandpa. 

My maternal grandpa was a pilot. He had his own 4-seater and would take my sister and I on short flights every so often. It had been years since I'd thought of flying with him, until I saw this small plane.
 It made me miss him and his humor.
But it made me smile to know he's kickin' it with Jesus right now, and probably wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.


Lone Leaf

I really liked this little leaf I found in our front yard. And I really liked that little hole in it, too.

...just for the record, I took this shot this week...



Blue Guitar - SOOC

Blue Guitar B&W

 I love the sooc shot and really didn't need to do anything to it, but sometimes PSE is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get.

Blue Guitar - SOOC Blue Guitar B&W

Here's what I did:

Step 1. Rotate 90 degrees left.
Ok, ok - technically it was 90 right, then 90 right, then 90 right. ;)
Step 2. Convert to B&W and adjust contrast.
Step 3. Crop.


  1. Great shots, your children are beautiful just like their mummy. xxx

  2. Great pics of your kids! Love the close-ups!
    Thanks for the advice about the shutter speed and the football. I need to sit down and actually LEARN about that shutter, ISO, aperature stuff. Sometimes it seems so unimportant because I just like pretty pictures, but I do need to learn it so I can actually capture exactly what I want and not rely on getting a good shot "just because"!

  3. Your edit is really pretty, but I LOVE the color on the SOOC.....GREAT SHOT!

  4. great shots and what a nice what to share what you love! Beautiful kiddos:)

  5. These are really great shots!!! I enjoy looking at your pictures. You can definitely see a difference from over a year ago when we did the first 365 project. You have a lot of talent or at least more time than I do to figure these things out. I'll have to settle for my ok shots :)

  6. What a great post - my favorite has to be the shot of the plane...that's awesome!

  7. I love the color SOoc but your edit is artistic and I like that too. Sweet post.

  8. The leaf is lovely, but my fave is the plane!

  9. Beautiful photos!!! I love them all!!!!! It's amazing how both a SOOC and edit can both be so fantastic!

  10. Nicely done on the edit. All of the photos are beautiful!

    Blondie's Abode

  11. I love the shot of the leaf, it's beautifuly composed!

  12. Love your fall leave for You Capture!

  13. great shots! you surely know art in photography....:)

  14. you're welcome! i would love to see more of your shots!~_~

  15. wea are having a windstorm and I am not able to really post anything new.

  16. Amazing shots!!!! I love them all. Really loving your leaf shot!

  17. Beautiful leaf! The leaves don't turn that color here. :( Thanks for commenting on my blog and if you're going to visit Dublin again, come in September! The weather is usually fair, and the flower pots are still beautiful!

  18. What a beautiful leave shot! I also wanted to do a leave shot this week, but it just keeps raining and raining...

  19. That little red leaf has such avibrant color.

  20. Just found you, and I am so flattered that you commented on my picture! Amazing shots :)

    And now I'm subscribing!

  21. great photos, you have beautiful kids and they do change our life and make us better!

  22. Gosh these are gorgeous! I love them. You are getting sooo good!

  23. I love the light and bokeh in the image of the leaf!

  24. All your shots are very nice! Love them!

  25. These are great Katie - sorry its taken me so long to comment but I had no internet connection. Your kids are lovely :)

  26. How'd you get the picture of the leaf? I love it!


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