Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Light Bulbs & Barber Poles

Happiness Is...

Happiness is...beautiful stringed lights.


There's just something about light bulbs on strings that I find beautiful and surprisingly romantic.
These particular ones were hanging, oddly enough, over a playground at the Royals' baseball stadium.
Not an atmosphere I'd call romantic, but still surprising and beautiful!

I'd have loved to go back once the sun had set to get a shot of these babies all lit up and with all their gorgeous bokeh! But, with a very cold wind and two cranky kids who wanted to go home, I had to save it for another time.

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire


Happiness is...unexpected perfection.

Barber-pole b&w - wm

This is another one from Saturday.
We stopped on a quick errand before the game and I stayed in the car with the kids while Seth ran into the store. As I looked out my window, this is what I saw! We had parked just at the end of the store front walkway, the lighting was gorgeous and there on the wall was a beautiful barber's pole! To make the image even better, the store next to it sold pottery and had those big, beautiful pots sitting outside!

To be honest, I loved the shot in color so much that I wasn't sure it would look as good in b&w...glad I gave it a go!

the long road

Here it is in color, too.
'Cause I know y'all were dying to see it!



  1. Very cool! I think I like the B&W best!!

  2. Beautiful, both shots. I do like the one in black and white, but it is grand in color too.

  3. I like the many textures you caught in the bw photo.

  4. Beautiful black and white! I get an old fashioned feeling looking at it.

    Erika B

  5. You are such an artist! Can we hang out?

  6. Very cool shots! I love lights on strings too.

  7. Pretty, I love the first shot.

  8. Very cool shots! Great composition and love the lines!

  9. oh wow, I love the black and white, so crisp and sharp with the barber shop sign, wonderful.

  10. Yummy! I think the best shots are there when we least expect them. I really, really love this in b/w. Nice job!!

  11. Wow so awesome! I really love the color one. Wonderful job.

  12. I love these! The blue in the sky of the first one is one of my favorite colors:).


  13. It looks fantastic in black and white, love it! :D

  14. I'm back...still think those stringed lights are awesome!

  15. I can't choose which one I prefer, I love the black and white, but the one in colour is great as well!

  16. I love both of them - but like you, I like it in color too!

  17. I'm loving the lights picture. It is very nice! And that barber picture is great. I almost took one this past weekend downtown. Now I am glad I didn't. It sure wouldn't have looked at good as yours. :) PERFECT set up for that picture.

  18. Katie,
    Very cute string lights photo!


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