Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin & Punk


Have you ever looked at the stem of a pumpkin? I mean really looked. It's beautiful! All that green marbling and veins...I'd never taken any notice until now.

Just a note: If you have an Aldi's store near you, check them out for pumpkins...they were about half the price than other stores around us. And the pumpkins were heavy and beautiful!

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The other day I was in a part of town I am never in and noticed that I could see the hazy skyline of Kansas City. After a little editing I came up with this photo which is not usually my style, but I think that's why I like it!

All I really did was crop, and boost levels to beyond normal!


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  1. The pumpkin took me a second.
    Like the editing on the second one, the silhouette is nice!

  2. Both of these are amazing -- I love the contrast of the pumpkin stem with it's multi colors and texture to the single color and smoothness of the pumpkin body -- I need to go find a pumpkin to see if I can do that too : ) And the cityscape is beautiful -- I love the editing you did.

  3. LOVE the colors in that punkin' capture!

  4. The pumpkin stem really is interesting and your touch up is very cool.

  5. Love the way you made the cityscape look!

  6. What a cool picture of the pumpkin stem. Great touch up! I love the feeling of it.

  7. I love both of these, very interesting :)

  8. What a great touch up, very creative!

  9. I LOVE the edit!! I think it tells so much more of a story...great mood. Wonderful!

    And the pumpkin is very skilled...lovely job.

  10. The stem is quite interesting. Nice shot!

  11. So now I can say I have actually very closely examined the stem of a pumpkin. HA!!! It is very neat indeed. And that city picture...excellent edit. TOtally different from camera shot. Wow!

  12. Amazing details of the pumpkin top. Fabulous macro work.

  13. Cool effect! I love to play with my photos too!


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