Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scripture & A Snapshot {Week 5}

 I want to thank each and every one of you who participates in and visits Scripture & A Snapshot! Although it's hard to see the change that this challenge is creating, I am certain that God is using it for His glory. I get tingles when I think about the possibilities of the exponential growth this challenge could produce! That's a lot of glory being given to God! :)

What I can see, however, is that this tiny blog of mine gets the most visitors on Sundays. I've been blogging for almost three years and it's been my consistent experience that weekends bring less visitors, not more. Those statistics are completely a God thing, not a Katie thing!

I also want to let you know - whether you participate or are just by to check out what this whole Scripture & A Snapshot thing is all about - please feel free to leave a prayer request or questions in the comments or even shoot me an email. I'm no theologian by any means, but I'll do my best to answer questions you may have about God and Christianity - because chances are good that I've asked them myself - and I'm more than happy to pray with you or for you! You will not be made to feel small, nor will any fingers be pointed at you nor will there be hushed whispers in the background. Jesus wouldn't treat you like that and neither will I.

My hope is that Scripture & A Snapshot will be a loving community more than simply a link up...

Matthew 11:28

I have lost count of the number of times that I have gone to the Lord and placed my burdens in His hands. And each and every time, I have physically felt those burdens removed. It is nothing short of miraculous and extraordinary! 

He indeed will give you rest, if only you go to Him!
And He's waiting...

Click here to read Rest for the Weary in Matthew 11:25-30

Want to join in this challenge?
Here's how to participate:

1. Select a photo.
It can be from your archives or a new shot. Please only use your own photos.

2. Add a scripture verse to it. 

Here's a link to a good Bible verse search engine. You can have the scripture on your photo, below it, make a collage - however you want, as long as the two elements are together!

3. Put the Scripture & A Snapshot button in your post.
You won't be deleted or banned if you don't. It just helps spread the word...and the Word. ;)

4. Come back here and link up your post. 
Please link directly to your Scripture & A Snapshot post, not the home page of your blog.


  1. Beautiful park setting and a wonderful choice of scripture to match the words you shared from your heart in your post.

    Have a lovely Sunday and I want to invite you to "Count your Blessings" with me on blog if you feel led.

    Many Blessings, Tamara

  2. This is beautiful! The photo and the verse together make a very good invitation to rest in the Lord. I really need this reminder today. Thanks, Katie, for blessing my heart today.

    I'm glad to join you again this week. Thanks for hosting.

  3. This looks so peaceful. I want to grab my bible and sit her for some time in His word and presence.

  4. That looks like a lovely place to sit and pray to God and let him take our burdens away from us.

    I have a big prayer request.

    Its for a gentleman called Graeme who is dying of cancer and we are not sure if he will even see past 2010. He needs Jesus to come into his life and as yet is resisting Him though he has been taken down the wrong path by false teaching by a very liberal preacher.

    Please remember him in your prayers - he may never walk his dear daughter down the aisle next year on her wedding day but it would be wonderful to have him with us in the future at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

    Your Sister in Christ

  5. Thank you for this post Katie. I receive such a blessing from you and the other participants. Have a blessed day.

  6. Love the pic and looks like a very restful place to sit and pray or read my Bible.....and a quiet place to hear His voice.

  7. What a great photo and verse. Maybe I will participate this week.

  8. Beautiful shot Katie. I need a bench like that today.

  9. thank you for this. I have been feeling very weary lately. A lot of stressful tyhings in my life. But I am trying to trust that God knows best in this whole situation and thast I will trust that. This post has blessed me.

  10. Beautiful, Katie! Love the black and white, and this meme...what a treat it is to visit these beautiful photos throughout the week. Such a blessing on some days, where The Lord reaches right in to fill that space that only He can fill, with precious nature and His Word combined!

  11. What a beautiful picture with a perfect verse. It's always good to rest in the Lord. Thank you for reminding us to do so and thank you for hosting such our Scripture Sundays!

  12. What a wonderful link party. I'll have to try and get in on this one soon. ♥

  13. your photo is so perfect for that verse!

  14. GORGEOUS shot Katie, I love this! I know I already mentioned I was bummed about missing your blog hop. My mom was bummed I missed too. :-) She asked where my post was.

    Hope you have a great week! :-)

  15. Just looking at that amazing shot is peaceful. Thanks for using your photographic skills to make Scripture even more real, Katie!!

  16. This actually brought me to tears. I've been having a real rough week with my son and I needed to be reminded of this.

    My other blog address where I talk about my son and don't put pretty picture is:

  17. A blog follower told me about your linky and I am sooo excited to have found you. I have posted a photo and scripture on the weekend for quite some time and love that I have found another group of like minded ones who do the same. I am also excited to find a photo blog for us "real folks" with my Nikon d5000 and kit lenses and no formal photography training can feel intimidated with photo blogs that talk about lenses that cost thousands. You and your beautiful photos have given me hope that I can capture beauty with what I have. Thanks!

  18. That is a great verse!

  19. Love this picture and verse together! So true HE does give us rest if we just lay back in HIS BIG ARMS and rest!

  20. What a great message and a great photo. :0)

  21. I love this photo black and white with such a fitting verse to go with it!

  22. beautiful! love this shot.
    thanks for hosting this link up ;) it is by far my favorite!

  23. Beautiful.

    It's true, too. We really can rest in the Lord.

  24. What a beautiful idea. Thank you so much for hosting this :-)


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