Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scripture & A Snapshot {Week 6}

Given that Christmas is less than two months away, don't you want to know more about Christ?!

Yes, He was/is compassionate. Yes, He was/is loving.
He was/is also fierce and bold and brutally honest and in your face!
He wasn't a pansy or a wimp or a pushover who was dragged to his death.
He went willingly! Knowing full well that He would be tortured.

Literally tortured.

Although He was fully divine, He was also fully human.
He felt the spit of the religious leaders - the ones who were trained to see the Messiah, but chose themselves over God. He felt the fists of the Roman soldiers. He felt the whip, the bruising, the tearing and the striping of flesh from His back as they flogged Him. He felt the nails being hammered through his wrists and feet.

And He did this willingly for you.
You, right there!
You reading this text right now.

He sacrificed Himself so that you could be saved.

Are you living a life that's worthy of His torture and death?
Do you want to?!'s not too late to start.

Matthew 5:18

Considering my choice of verse this week, I thought it would be fitting to give away a book.
I review books for Thomas Nelson Publishing and they publish some really amazing and inspiring books. The one I want to give away is one of my favorites that I've been able to review:

The Jesus You Can't Ignore: What You Must Learn from the Bold Confrontations of Christ 
by John MacArthur
(click on the image below to read more about this book)

I'm going to keep the "rules" simple for this giveaway:

1. To enter, leave me a comment.
You don't have to link up/participate in Scripture & a Snapshot and linking up will not automatically enter you.
Please be sure to leave your email in the comments or have it available in your profile, so I can contact you if you win.

2. Anyone, anywhere can enter.
I'll ship this book anywhere in the world, because Christ's message isn't limited to my own country!

3. One winner will be chosen and announced next Sunday.
This giveaway will close at 11:59 pm CST on Saturday, November 6th, 2010.
I'll use to select a winning commenter and will email that person.

*Note: You will receive the book that I was given. It has been read once and is therefore technically used, but in great shape.


Want to join in this challenge?
Here's how to participate:

1. Select a photo.
It can be from your archives or a new shot. Please only use your own photos.

2. Add a scripture verse to it. 

 Please think about the scripture you're choosing, as well as the photo you've selected. Don't just blindly pick out a verse and slap it on a photo. There's no glory given from that. Here's a link to a good Bible verse search engine.

3. Put the Scripture & a Snapshot button in your post.
You won't be deleted or banned if you don't. It just helps spread the word...and the Word. ;)

4. Come back here and link up your post.   
Please link directly to your Scripture & a Snapshot post, not the home page of your blog.


  1. Katie, your boldness is inspiring; it really is. I've never been bold with my faith...I don't like to make waves, I don't like controversy, that's my nature. But that's what God commands us to do; share the Word, present the gospel. As I get older, I'm finding it's a bit easier, and I truly desire to do it too. Happy Sunday, my friend! :-)

  2. He was the supreme sacrifice, Thankyou Lord.

    That's a wonderful giveaway - John MacArthur is a favourite author in this home of ours.

  3. I am awed by what He did for me. So truly thankful that He made a way for me to be a part of His family.

  4. Karli encouraged me last week to link up and so I'm happy to be participating this week. I, too, am not bold with my faith because I try to live a life reflective of the word...but this is a wonderful opportunity to share the message. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Beautiful and inspiring post Katie. Thank you!

  6. Makes me think of the hymn: Amazing Love! How can it be? That Thou my God shouldst die for me!

    Truly humbling and awe inspiring and sadly, too often, I take it for granted and forgot to bask in the wonder of it and BE THANKFUL!

    Thanks, as always for the great snapshot and verse! Love the font you chose for this!

  7. Love your heart. John Macathur is a great and true teacher of the word.

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to share in Scripture and a Snapshot. Such a wonderful way for so many to share encouragement.

  9. Thanks for your visit and I was slow getting the button to load but it is now in my post - sorry!

  10. Wow... that was really powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. SO powerful both your verse and picture today... I so love your calling to do this blog hop.. and would love to know how many are finding Christ though it.. Well done, good and faithful servant!

  12. Katie....I didn't know it but this is so much what I am looking for......I started my blog two months ago. It has always been in my thoughts to connect my photos/art with Scripture. I"ve done a bit of it here and there over the years....I will definitely be following you and entering. Have a God-blessed day. You've made mine. Linda at:

  13. I absolutely love your scripture and a snapshot linky party! This is my first week joining up and I am so excited to be a regular and view everyone's lovely photos and read God's word. GREAT idea.

  14. Awesome the picture! I love putting scripture to everyday pictures! I also love reading several others...very encouraging. Thanks for hosting Scripture and a Snapshot!

  15. Wow Katie! That was an awesome post. Very inspiring yet very to the point and in your face. At least mine anyways. :) Sometimes it is so easy to forget that the pain and hurt was very real indeed and definitely not something we would ever choose to go through. What a great start for my day!

  16. I have to continue to link up with this- I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing everyone else's "scripture and snapshot". Oh, and I definitely want that book.I love John MacArthur. :)

  17. Katie, wonderful scripture, beautiful image! I am uplifted every week through Scripture & a Snapshot...thank you for hosting. Have a wonderful week. ~Diana

  18. Great post! It gives me goosebumps. Love your picture and verse.

    I'm not the "go forth and preach the gospel" type, but my prayer is that people will see Christ in me. I hope that my life reflects Him.

    P.S. I enjoy John MacArthur. ;)

  19. Yes! It IS all about Christ. Thanks for counting me into your giveaway contest. God bless :)

  20. Love the photo and devotional you shared today. And I'd love the opportunity to win the book. It's on my wish list.


  21. I always enjoy your Scripture and a Snapshot. I think it was a fantastic idea and you've posted some great ones.

    The book looks great. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  22. I love giveaways!

    (And I love your blog, but you already knew that!)


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