Monday, November 1, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

My Town
There seems to be a lot of hot air ballooners (is that what they're called?) in our town, so we see them every now and then. We saw one while driving, then after we had been home for about a half hour my husband heard "whoosh, whoosh, woooooosh" outside and when we went to see what it was, the air balloon was landing about a block away!
Air Balloon Diptych

Something Vintage
Last Thursday was the last (free) day to go to a local Children's Farmstead. They have tons of vintage things and my daughter loved climbing on the old tractors, so I thought it fitting to get this shot.

Tilt-Shift Photography
We went to the Kansas State University football game on Saturday and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a great tilt-shift shot!
I used Coffeeshop's Teeny Tiny World action.
Football Tilt-Shift

Dress Up
Last night our town had trick or treating, so Seth dressed up too and took the kids. 
Tthis is not very good by any technical standard, but I caught the moment and therefore it's perfect to me!

I made faux Thin Mint cookies today...just so I would have a chocolate shot. 
The things I do for photography. ;)


  1. Katie I recognise that woosh - I've had the same noise aswell and have looked out the window to see one land quite near our house too. You were quicker than me with the camera!

    Lovely shots especially of the kids and Seth. Any photo I take of the kids is always impromtu and that tilt one is awesome and the chocolate one looks so yummy. :)

    Btw have your little ones ever seen wild salmon leaping - if not they can see some on my latest post on the leavesnbloom blog.

    Have a lovely evening

  2. Lovely shots Katie. Your family is adorable.
    That choc shot makes me want to come to your house.

  3. Lovie shots.. and I bet you were talking about Deanna Rose Farmstead....I love that place, and so do my girls

  4. I was all ready to comment on your photos and then you had to throw in a yummy chocolate shot. I've forgotten everything. Actually, these are all really great. I'd love to see hot air balloons on a regular basis and your vintage shot is so interesting. Great work!

  5. That football photo looks AWSOME blown up

  6. The Chocolate and the Tilt-Shift ones are so cool.

  7. I love your chocolate shot, makes me want some.

  8. I love the football shot and the dedication to make chocolate just for this is impressive!

  9. Now that's not fair that you have hot air balloonners hot air ballooning around town! We've got nothing like that - grrr! LOVE the vintage seat, and your tilt shift is hysterical. Great shots; all of them (and loved your 365 pics too)!

  10. Oh gosh! These are all wonderful. I really love your chocolate shot and your vintage shot. Great job!

  11. All of the pics, were great! The chocolate one is my pick, I might be partial to it due to the fact I owned a candy store at one time in my life. :)

  12. Okay..okay. I have to go check out that action you ran on the football picture. That is too neat. made Breck's costume didn't you???? You are just too crafty!!!!! It looks AWESOME!!!!

  13. oooo, your chocolate photo just made me drool a little... :)
    I love the hot air balloon pics!

  14. I love your tilt-shift... like miniature football players plopped right in the middle of the field!

    LOL that you had to make a batch just so you could have a shot for chocolate... I almost did that, but luckily they served chocolate fudge cupcakes at the party that I took Z to. =)

  15. Absolutely love your tilt shift photo!

  16. i LOVE the balloon pic, i am excited to be following and to see more of your great photos!


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