Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Will you please, pretty please go to Live Every Moment and vote for my sea shell photo?!

I finally received my shiny new external hard drive over the weekend.
I don't know if I've ever been so ecstatic to get my hands on a piece of hardware!

Needless to say, I wasted no time getting my massive amount of photos transfered over. 
And our computer is running a bit smoother and quicker.

And, over Thanksgiving/our 1st Christmas I got a new 50mm 1.8D lens!
I wasted no time slapping that baby onto my camera
...only to realize that it only auto focuses with certain cameras, and mine was not on the good list.
(thanks Amazon, for neglecting to include that *small* bit of information!!!)
So, I've been manually focusing.
It's bliss to have such a pretty and open aperture, but a little daunting to have yet another thing on the to-do list of attempting to take beautiful photos!

Bokeh in B&W

But, when shooting pretty bokeh, no focus is needed!
And it actually comes in handy that it's already set to manual.

Justine has inspired me to do more shooting in b&w (she did all her photos in b&w for the entire month of November!), and I thought this shot translated well to that. To me, it takes on more of a soft and feminine beauty that color just didn't give.


  1. Yippee!!!! Soooo glad you got that hard drive and are ready to go. :) I could have warned you about the 50mm. SAME thing happened to me. Now I don't really care for the lens b/c I can't use it on my kiddos...they move too much!! It does a pretty job on still objects. :) Knowing you, you will still totally rock that lens and never let it bother you.

  2. Awwww, how disappointing....I *almost* had the same problem, but the man at the camera store was very informative & told my husband that it would only manual focus on my old camera.....I'm sure you'll take some amazing macros though!!!!!

  3. So sorry! That is why I got the 35mm cause the 50mm wouldn't autofocus on my d3000. My d7000 will autofocus the 50mm. So now I want to get the 50mm. Glad you got your external hard drive! :)

  4. The 50mm is a great lens! That's disappointing that it doesn't auto focus. Manual focusing isn't too bad once you get the hang of it...

  5. I love shooting bokeh for this very reason!

  6. I LOVE your bokeh! I've never thought about turning into black and white! Great idea! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Love it! Great shot...:) I love it in B&W, also. Very different.

  8. That almost happened to me as well. What's even more frustrating is that when I eventually upgrade the body of my camera, my current lenses probably won't work with the new one...gggrrr...indeed!

    A very beautiful shot though :)

  9. Love the hsot.. and I kow a ton of people that have done the same thing with the lens... It happens, and amazom gets a lot of returns, I am sure...

  10. Hooray for pretty bokehs... and yours are really pretty!

    I'm still waiting on my order of the 50mm/f/1.8 lens. :)

  11. Completely gorgeous! Would have never thought of b&w and it's really awesome! I bet that's a shot that might be turned into a great texture to add to other photos. Beautiful!

  12. love the black and white wow! how peaceful it makes it.

  13. I love this Katie - that bokeh is amazing especially in B/W. I can't get an aperature as low as that on my little camera to create those wonderful circles. I'm taking note of your experience with amazon so that when the time eventually comes for me to get a new camera I will know the pitfalls.

  14. Ooh, I like that! It being B&W really adds effect. : )

  15. I don't mind that I have to focus myself. I get so used to it that I try to do it with my other lens!


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