Friday, December 3, 2010

Making a Memory

This is my husband's grandpa's old slr film camera.
I never had the privilege of meeting him, but I've heard stories and I'm certain we'd have gotten along.
And he'd have loved his great grandkids to pieces!

He was an engineer and very meticulous in everything he did.
I imagine the same applied to his photography.

As far as I know, his photography remained within the realm of family snapshots.


But I'm guessing he found the technical aspects of an slr very appealing.
Ratios and numbers seemed to be his thing.


There's something amazing...almost magical...about holding an item that once belonged to someone you've never met.
I imagine him taking great care to adjust the settings perfectly before each and every press of the button.


Blogging from Bolivia

But most importantly, he knew to live the moments and not just capture them.


PhotoStory Friday 


  1. Gorgeous :) I have my grandfather's old SLR (Zenit-E) too. I haven't had the nerve to get it out and use it yet though!

  2. I wonder what he would have thought of the ease of the new digital cameras. Fabulous captures.

  3. Really neat post! Learning the life of something that was had by someone is always so intriguing...

  4. these are lovely, are you going to use it? really great macros and lovely words

  5. these are neat. I bet he was a great man. that would be neat to see the pictures this would take.

  6. Very cool perspective, Katie! Seriously great shots!

  7. Classic shots! Back when photography had more to do with math and you composed w/in the viewfinder. Lovely!!


  8. beautiful, and what a treasure to have his camera.

  9. I can remember my grandpa's camera - it was like a square box that you held close to your chest and looked down into. I loved seeing the rest of those pics Katie - the dof is just perfect.

  10. That is so cool - I love how you've captured every little detail!

  11. perfect! and what a gift to be able to photograph this camera... Well done!

  12. Wonderful the power of black and white.

  13. Great post! I LOVE the macros of the camera. So beautiful especially in B&W!

  14. wow these are really great shots!


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