Thursday, December 2, 2010

Special Thanks and Taking Questions

Happy December!
Albeit, a day late.
I'm finally caught up with replying to comments. Thanks for your patience with that!

On a sad note, my computer is on it's last leg and chalk-a-bok full to the gills.
 I literally have 32MB left on my hard drive! So that means I have no space left for editing photos.
My fingers are crossed for a new laptop soon, but in the meantime I will be digging through the archives for shots to share.

ETA: I bought a 1TB external hard drive. Thanks for the suggestions!
It should be here in a week, and then I'll be back in business!


Now I want to thank the following people for so sweetly giving me an award:

My Captivating Images

And secondly, since two of these awards ask the recipient to list things about themselves, I thought it would be a good time to open up the forum for questions.
So ask me (almost) anything!

I'll post the answers to your questions in about a week.
(unless no one asks me anything. then I'll just be embarrassed.)

...I couldn't post without a photo, could I?!


  1. Katie
    2 words for you girl "EXTERNAL HARDRIVE". I have learned the wonders of these great little gadgets.
    Now for the "any question" I will go old school on you and ask what is your favorite band? or is it who is your favoirt band? =D
    Have a great day!!!

  2. I agree with the external hard drive. My photos only go on that...I guarantee my clients that I will always have their shots.. so I use two.. but get one and transfer all that stuff...

    Just wanted to update that I am back and working on a scripture and a snapshot post for this weekend. IT was hard to be away, but losts of time to plan for future entries on your great meme.
    And Finally, my question:
    What is the one most defineing moment that made you who you are today?

  3. Who and what would be in your perfect photo shoot?

    What type of photography do you like to do best? What type of photography would you take a class in if you could?

  4. External harddrive! I only have a 500mb...but it's going to take ages to fill. My Dh wanted me to pick up a 1TB.

    Is that shot you? You have gorgeous eyes.

  5. Hi Katie I think I am in the samer boat as you. So I will be checking external hard drives too.

    Umm question......what is your favorite color?

  6. I have an external hard drive too.

    What inspires you to take different styles of photographs?

  7. Yep, external hard drive... that's what I use. Scares me to save them on my computer.

    Question: Are you hoping to go into business as a photographer? If yes, what steps are you taking to do so?

  8. I have TWO external hard drives. One for my personal pictures and one for my clients'. It REALLY helped when I moved everything from my computer to those. My computer works like it's brand new now!

  9. I have 2 external hard drives. One does a weekly backup and the other is a copy is in the safe.

    Do you own a safe?

  10. My stuff is also on a external hard drive and
    I make back-ups on-line.

  11. I need to get into the habit of saving my photos each week on the external hard drive. I'm also backing up online constantly with the storage space our service provider gives us.

    What's your most favourite action or workflow on photoshop?

  12. Ah hah. This is where the questions came from. I see! :)


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