Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

Last week I told you that my hard drive is in busting at the seams full. 
A lot of you suggested that I get an external hard drive, which I did! Thanks for all the suggestions. 
I was hoping to have it by now, but a few days ago I received an email telling me my item was on backorder!! Ack! 

I guess I'll also be getting a lesson in patience...

While I'm waiting for my new 'toy' to get here, I've been going through my old photos. There were some that I had completely forgotten about! Isn't it funny what sticks in your mind and what doesn't?

I've also been working on my Etsy shop
I've listed a bunch of new prints, finally made a banner, and freshened up my avatar. 

This is one of those forgotten shots from early this year. 
I really like the colors and abundance of bokeh, so I decided to list it in my shop.
I titled it Effervescence of Winter - quite fitting, I think!


The theme this week for Sheri's photo challenge is sight.
Although it may be a long-stretch, I'm using this photo because without my contacts or glasses, this is about the quality of my sight! My vision is terrible. And although seeing everything in bokeh is kind of pretty, it's not very practical. :)



This shot was also taken toward the beginning of the year. 
My son has oodles of Hot Wheels and they're all so colorful!!

This is yet another new listing in the shop: Car Show in Miniature.



And here's one more from the beginning of this year.
My husband had gone to a food show for work and came home with a bouquet of gerbera daisies...just in time for our anniversary!

The title for this shot isn't near as clever as the above two: Daisy in Sepia.


Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire


  1. beautiful shots.. Hope your external harddrive arrives soon...

  2. LOL!! Yeah well, that's pretty well my sight too! So I'm right there with ya!

  3. Beautiful shots! And I've been thinking about opening an Etsy shop...looking at your shop makes me actually open one :)

  4. I LOVE the car shot. Gotta try that myself, but don't have very many cars.... :-(

  5. Oh I like those shots - especially that bokeh - I am so in love with those - to think that when I first started out in digital photography I binned those shots lol.

    I thought of an etsy shop once - do you have to go to the post office to post prints off to people? that's what put me off as I can't get to post offices very easily. I was thinking more of using the red bubble site.

  6. Oh my gosh....all of those are so beautiful!!!!

  7. Yeah for a new external hard drive. I REALLY need to do that too but keep putting it off!

  8. These photos are beautiful. Your etsy shop has really come along! I love what you've done!

  9. These are great!!! Which lens did you use for the daisy?

    Once your external hard drive gets in, it will be wonderful!!! It's a great investment.


  10. I never thought of that, but when I am not wearing my glasses/contact it is bokeh. ha ha. Gorgeous photos.

  11. Three cool shots. You'll love the external. It's so nice!

  12. Congrats on ordering the hard drive, working on your Etsy shop, AND posting such fabulous images.

  13. I love all of these photos - especially the bokeh!

  14. LOVELY! The car shot would be DARLING in a little boys room! So glad you are adding to your shop... I have been watching!

  15. i am thinking of having an esty shop. have you sold things there?


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