Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Questions Answered

Jessaca asked
Q. What is your favorite band?
A. It's always changing. When I was in Junior High it was The Cranberries. (They're still in my top 5.) When I was in college it was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Now it's MercyMe! They are so energetic for Christ - it's infectious! 

(this is Keith Urban, not my favorite 'band' but we did have several of his songs played at our wedding - and I really like this shot!)

Kristy asked:
What inspires you to take different styles of photographs?
A. Obviously other photographers provide inspiration. But I don't purposely set out to take different styles. I tend to shoot and edit in a way that reflects my mood and I think that's the driving factor for the variety you may see here on my blog.

Mom of M&Ms asked:
Q. What is the one most defining moment that made you who you are today? 
A. Wow. Nothing like a deep question! :) Without a doubt, finding out I was pregnant changed me the most. And my husband at that. We were not married and had only known each other for 7 months. It could have been disastrous, but God showed His mercy and grace and changed me for the better, blessing me with a wonderful husband and incredibly amazing in-laws. That was a major turning point in my life where, for the first time, I felt God leading me...or rather, me finally following. 

B Up-Close

knit1kids4 asked:
Q. Are you hoping to go into business as a photographer? If yes, what steps are you taking to do so?
A. I would love to make a career of photography! If I can make money doing something I love, then I will definitely do what I can to pursue it. However, I know this won't just fall in my lap.And since it seems that portraiture is the main way to generate an income, that's the road I see myself going down. (I have an Etsy shop that is profitable, but it's not a pay-the-bills kind of income.) 
The steps I'm taking are: asking to take portraits of family members as practice, taking photo classes, and using my camera almost daily. Ideally, in three years (when my youngest will be in school full time) I will be at a high enough skill level and will have made enough contacts/potential clients that I can turn my hobby into at least a part time business. 

SarahinSC asked:
Q. Who and what would be in your perfect photo shoot?
A. My perfect photo shoot would be the streets of New York City and the regular people who walk them...and even live on them. I'd have unlimited access to all buildings and rooftops, and I could go into "rough" neighborhoods without fear of being mugged or worse. 

Q. What type of photography do you like to do best?
A. This is a tough one, but I have to go with Landscapes/Cityscapes since they are all different and ever changing.

Q. What type of photography would you take a class in if you could?
A. Portraiture. I'm not very good at it - as in, good enough to make a living from it - and that drives me nuts.

(this is from my very first 'photo shoot' - my sister and her boyfriend were kind enough to let me practice on them! Thankfully, I've learned a ton in the short time since this was taken!)

leavesnbloom asked:
Q. What's your most favourite action or workflow on photoshop? 
A. Prior to taking Kim Klassen's Skinny-Mini e-course, I used Pioneer Woman's Boost action a lot. Now, however, I turn to the various blend modes in the layers window. 

Liz asked:
Q. What is your favorite color?
A. Blue. I have never seen an ugly shade of it!


I've been asked the following questions in the past:

Q. How did you make your rotating header?
A. Go to The CoffeeShop Blog. Rita will tell you everything you need to know!

Q. How do you get your images so big?
A. This time I'm sending you to KevinandAmanda.com.


  1. Wow! You had lots of questions. I have missed a lot in a weeks time. Sorry I have missed S&S this week. We had the stomach flu in this house and it wiped us out!

    I love Mercy Me. Oh my how I love them!! And what changed you life most...thanks for the cry this morning. God is so good to us. He gives so much more than we deserve. What a beautiful story! You could definitely go pro with how quickly you learn. I know you would do very well with it.

    Thanks for letting us learn more about you. You are a brave woman to answer so many questions. :)

    I love kevinandamanda's blog. I get good recipes from there and love her fonts. She also makes me want to get to srapbooking again. Maybe in this lifetime that will happen.

  2. Katie, this was so delightful to read! I love your photography, you are one of the best I have ever seen in blogland.

  3. thanks for answering all these questions. Mine was not on photography, but I like you shot and answer. You have really gotten very good at this.

  4. Great to get to know you better. Even one of yor first shots is very nice! And NYC is one of my favourite places to be and shoot photos.

  5. Love this...and love your answers. SO glad that you are part of my daily inspiration... I think you are amazing.....

  6. Loved all your answers!

  7. Great Q&A!

    MercyMe is from GA...about 45 minutes from me. We LOVE them!

  8. My husband and father have both done photography as a business lots longer than I have and I want to pass on a tip they gave me - pick one thing and do it well. We know a lovely lady who does nothing but Senior sessions, many who do nothing but weddings, etc. It's not that you can't do the others, we do portraits but our focus is weddings and weddings are extremely fast paced and not for everyone. You'll find your niche. :0)


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