Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Back at 2010

I must admit, I'm incredibly shy when I meet someone for the first time. And it takes me a while before the "real me" comes out in full force. 

    I Love You
    Seth is an incredibly amazing dad and husband and I am so blessed to have married him!

    Still Laughing...
    How can you not laugh at that face?! This was our daughter's reaction to the giant cookie Seth brought home one evening.

    Winter Wonderland
    I took this early in 2010. For whatever reason, I was up early enough to see the sunrise through our ice covered branches.

    Since the kids' birthdays are only 3 weeks apart, and our families are 3+ hours away, we combine their birthdays into one party.

    Kids with tree 3

    I Was Inspired...
    All inspired by the lovely Karli of The Bonnie 5.
    lime-with-bubbles---wm Tree-in-lens-with-sunflare-

    Spring Fever
    Nothing says the first true days of Spring quite like being able to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot through the soft, green grass!

    Travel or Vacation
    I must admit, this photo is from 2009. We don't take vacations very often, but on this flight we were headed to Cancun and I would love to go back. Right after we visit Prague, Sydney, New Zealand, Chile, etc! :)

    Summer Days 

    A Day In My Life
    *sigh* I'm tired just thinking about it!

      All Smiles


      In August we had both kids baptized. It was an incredibly special day for our family as Seth and I committed to raise our children for God!

        The first day of Pre-K!

          Let's Do It Again...
          This was taken at the hot air balloon festival during the summer. I would never in a million years relive the ride there, though. I didn't look up exact directions to the field and not having directions is Seth's biggest pet peeve, so let's just say that tensions were suffocating in the car! But once we got there and cooled off, it turned into a pretty great evening!

            I Miss You
            This is my younger sister. We aren't very close - in proximity or relationship - but I certainly wish we were.

            Rowan in a hat

            Dress Up 
            A hula girl, a hockey player and a homemade skeleton.


            Spoiled but not rotten!

            My Favorite

            Don't Ever Change 
            Both of our kids have a pretty big love for arts and crafts. That's definitely my area - I do not have one ounce of athleticism in my body, but I can hold my own when it comes to art. I wouldn't know what to do with sports-oriented kids!

            Just Because...So There! 
            Riding a big wheel down the sidewalk. That's the life!

            Hopes and Dreams
            One of my hopes and dreams for 2011 is keeping our house a lot cleaner. But that will be challenging - see "A Day in My Life" above. 


            1. I love the first photo of you!!! That expression on your little girls face is too cute!! We can't say the C-A-K-E word around here or else our little girl goes crazy. When we go to the grocery store she wants to go look at the cakes in the bakery and get one.
              Happy to have met you and learn and gleam some from you in 2010. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings. Have a great day!!!

            2. I loved looking through these Katie! Guess what my new year's resolution is? Keep my kitchen table clean and cleared off at all times! Happy 2011 Katie!

            3. What an awesome sneak peak and review of yru life. beautiful!

            4. Such great photos! The I Love You one is a heartbreaker. :) Happy NewYear!

            5. This is a great series of pictures! I love that it shares about you so well:). I am a clean freak but, I've already concluded that when children come it must be impossible to keep things clean because five seconds later they come around and mess things up again;). Good luck to you! Happy New Year!

            6. I so want to put mine together but the time involved in choosing the photos and posting them doesn't seem to be in my schedule this week... ugh.

            7. Your favorite photo is amazing and I also very much like your hopes and dreams photo. I've seen those glasses and think they are super cool.

              Have a Happy New Year!

            8. Katie,

              I just love your shots. The detail you capture is truly worth a 1000 words. Your family is so precious and they will be blessed to one day look back at all of the wonderful memories you have captured. You inspire to keep working to improve the hobby I enjoy so

              Thank you!! BTW, your birthday banner and table were so cute. I love the autumn shot and the hot air balloon...WOW!!!

            9. Such great photos, all of them. Your kids are so cute.

            10. What a great post - there were so many moments that I really loved and you clearly had an incredible year. I hope 2011 is even better! I can't wait to see what you'll produce from your camera.

            11. Oh it is my Dream to got to a hot air balloon festival some day! Beautiful pictures - an especially precious "Family" moment, and I am a little bit in awe of your "Winter Wonderland" shot!

              Can't wait to see what 2011 brings! :)

            12. Looks like a great year, wonderful photos! The spring shot is so cute!

            13. These are great! I love your winter wonderland photo and your hopes and dreams photo.

            14. these are all so awesome!! i hope 2011 brings you even more happiness :)

              btw - 'your favorite' is also mine...gorgeous!

            15. I love so many of these! Your winter wonderland is just AMAZING! Wonderful shots!

            16. As always I love your photos!!! Some many beautiful shots.

            17. Nice shots! I have enjoyed meeting you this last year and look forward to looking at more of you great photos in 2011.

            18. A cleaner house is on my list for 2011 and well looking around...let's just say so far I am failing at that! LOL! :) I loved this post! We went to the Balloon festival this year as a family and took a fellow photographer friend. I didn't get all of the shots that I wanted due to having the family with me though. So this year I think me and the photog friends will go it alone. I don't know though, the baby will be a year older so maybe it would be easier. :)

            19. katie it was lovely to see another little glimpse of your family. I would love to process that hot air balloon photo in hdr.

              LOL a cleaner house is on my list too though I don't have the same conditions to cope with as you do - mine is a full time job, my large garden to maintain, learning photography and 3 blogs to keep going ........ I think I need to train the boys into doing some more chores.

            20. "My Favorite" is a great picture!

            21. Wow!!! They are great, everyone of them!!!!
              My daughter was looking at these with me and she said, "Mom, her "Hopes and dreams' shot should be in a magazine" I said: "I so agree with you"
              Katie, you are amazing!!!

            22. Wonderful shots Katie!!! All the best to you in 2011!!! PS....I'd like to keep my house cleaner too....and get organized....we'll see how that goes, I just heard my Mom (who rescued me today) say "hey...don't throw clothes around!"

            23. I loved them all! I am so happy to have you as my blogging friend!

            24. i love your winter wonderland and macro. they are all great though. hope you have a wonderful new year!

            25. I so love the first one of you and the lemonade one... awe, heck... I've loved them all. You have really gotten to know your camera and become a great photographer.

            26. Love the homemade skeleton costume-- so innovative-- seriously! One of my dreams is to go on a hot air balloon ride, and have I ever told you that I love your children's names? yeah, tha twas random!

            27. These are some awesome shots and memories! I'm having a hard time picking any favorites!

              I hear you on the sister thing... I'd love to say that me and my sister have a close relationship and we're "best friends/sisters" but I can't. We have moments of closeness... hopefully though, we can continue to build on that... :)

              And good luck on the house cleaning bit... although I got a word of advise - you can take it or leave it (I promise it won't hurt me!) - while yes, (please!) don't live in a trashy dump, don't try to live in a perfect magazine/hollywood house either - especially with young kids. When they're older, your kids aren't going to care if the house was spotless - they're going to remember and care that their parents spent quality time with them! I know my mom kept up the house, but I don't remember specifics on that - I do remember Dad and Mom reading with us, playing in the pool, chasing us though the house, snuggling during a movie, etc...

              sorry. never mind me now! :)

            28.'re so sweet! So how come all 3 of your inspiration pics were better than mine??? Hmmmmm???? ;-) Can't wait to see more from you in 2011. You photos are some of my very faves! Happy New Year! :-)

            29. That first picture is just too darn cute! I remember when you got your haircut and had your photo shoot in a quiet house. :) Little Rowan has grown so much over the year. She lost that chubby baby look and is such a toddler now. WOW!!! I love the pic of them loving on each other. What a beautiful family y'all are.

            30. I love them are so incredibly talented, Katie!

            31. SO beautiful! I need to get mine up :)

            32. Love these. Like the first and last ones. I wish I could do this but do not have enough pics.

            33. These are all wonderful! What a great 2010, I hope you have an even better 2011!

            34. I love the photos that you capture, and can't wait to see more in 2011! Hope you have a wonderful year, filled with amazing memories.


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