Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scripture & A Snapshot {Week 15}


This verse is so symbolic and powerful!
You wouldn't hide a literal light. That would be pointless.
And it makes even less sense to hide the Light of Christ!

We are to be beacons for Him!
Beacons serve their purpose when they shine.
And we should always reflect Christ's love and goodness and mercy at all times. 


Want to join in this challenge?


  1. Powerful message and lovely shot to match! Thank you for hosting this meme! It's really pushing me to think deeper in my spiritual life and try to photograph that thought.

    Happy New Year *Ü* ~Tamara

  2. What a beautiful shot and verse to go with it. I actually very much needed to hear that tonight. Thanks a million and have a wonderfully blessed night! :)

  3. Such a lovely photo of the lamp, and what strong words of Christ to heed!
    Katie, thank you for this timely reminder to be a clear reflection of Him.

  4. I love this! Gorgeous!

  5. I loved that oil lamp when you first posted it... You turned it into a mater piece. Your use of Luke 8 16 is perfect...

    Now I am off to let my light shine! :)

  6. Love this new look of the lamp. perfect verse choice.

    Thank you for this weeks lesson. I really needed this asnd such power and confidence in God it gives me.

  7. Very pretty and goes so well together.

  8. Katie, what a wonderful way to illustrate this verse. Thanks for hosting and being so faithful to share His wonderful truth with others.

  9. :) It would seem that we had a similar thought for this week's post! Except while I struggled to put into words my thoughts/meaning behind it, you said it so clearly!.

    Beautiful message to go with a beautiful picture. May we all have the faith to put that into action!

  10. What a wonderful message to start the year! Let's let our light shine for all to see!

  11. Thankyou Katie - I want that light to shine bright and illuminate my path.


  12. Lovely picture and perfect scripture. I'm happy to see so many people participating in this blog hop.

  13. What a great challenge for us in this new be a light for Him!

  14. Beautiful shot & scripture!!! Soooo true!

  15. That is a pretty lamp!!! I love oil lamps. I have this verse framed in our school room. It is such a wonderful verse. I use it when our power goes out around here to help teach the kiddos just how much of a light we are in this world and how it would be without Christ. Dark and scary!

  16. Oh I love your picture and what a perfect verse to go with!! I just found your blog and your Snapshot & a Scripture meme. I love it!! This is my first week linking up and I look forward to reading and joining in more. Happy New Year


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