Monday, January 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. A Different View

This is my daughter having a snack of shredded cheese, straight out of the container, while sitting on the floor.

2. Looking Up
Looking Up

In this shot I was laying on our basement stairs, looking up at my daughter who was hiding behind the wall.

3. Abstract
Abstract Crayons

This shot was probably my favorite to take.
I stuck crayons into styrofoam and did some editing to boost the colors.

4. Hair

This one's from the archives.
I had something else in mind, but I didn't like the first take and planned to re-shoot this morning.
But we woke up to water in a small part of our basement, so I've spent most of the day cleaning and rearranging.

5. Half
Sun Flare through window

This is the morning sun coming in through our kitchen window.


  1. These are all wonderful but I seriously love your abstract shot. I'll be posting my scripture and a snapshot really late tonight/tomorrow morning. Too bad we have challenges falling on the same day. :)

  2. These are all really great. I really like your looking up and abstract!

  3. Oh, your baby girl is just TOO precious!! Those little feet and I miss my babies being babies. Treasure these moments!

  4. I love all of them, but i like abstract the best. ♥

  5. These are all awesome. Love them all! The crayon one is super neat!

  6. They're all such wonderful shots! I love your creativity for your turned out awesome! And your different view is so adorable! I'm a sucker for baby fingers and toes.

  7. Wow - beautiful shots Katie. I'm getting sort of addicted to all of these photo challenges. I might have to try this one for next week! =) (Thanks for being so sweet about the double-link-up!)

  8. My kids Love shredded cheese too-- what is it about that stuff? Henry even thinks it has healing powers bc when he was younger he brought me some in a bowl when I was not feeling well and I told him it helped me to feel better ;)

    Great shots! Love the crayons!

  9. I love that crayon shot.
    I love how creative you get with your photography. Can't wait to see next weeks shots!

  10. Oh I love that abstract shot. The colors on the white is awesome! But they're all great pictures of course!

  11. These are fabulous!! I have got to get on the ball and participate in this someday... probably this summer when I have a break from the homeschooling.

  12. Fabulous Katie - that styrofoam with the crayons is my favourite - the artist in you just oozes out in your photography.


  13. Oh my, do I ever love your abstract photo! It is amazing.

  14. #3 is awesome! I am feeling inspired to get out the art supplies. :-)

  15. Ohhhhh....those dreamy eyes of Rowans. She's going to knock some boy over with them one day! That sun in the window is unbelievable also. And way ugh to the water in the basement. Maybe snow isn't so good.

  16. I love all of these, but the baby toes are so so cute!! And I love the creative crayon shot! I need to buy some crayons!

  17. Your photography inspires me, Katie! That crayon abstract is amazing.

  18. Love them! Especially 'looking up' and abstract (what a cool idea!)


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