Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Berry Silhouettes

Where have the past two weeks gone?! 
It seriously flew right by me. 

I've had every intention of participating in the various challenges with their various themes - I've put them on my calendar and even brainstormed ideas for the specific themes - but then each day comes and goes and I've somehow missed it.

What I have been doing is a lot of housework and lots of games with my kids, as well as some serious work and prep with my Etsy shop, MommyMakes.
(Psst! I'll let you in on a little secret...starting March 1st there will be a giveaway on my family blog as well as some pretty great sales in the shop during the entire month of March!)

It's been pretty wonderful, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't missed the fabulous community of photo bloggers!
You girls (and any guys out there) are wonderful!!


So today I am finally posting something!!!

This is a shot from the other day, when my kids almost literally dragged me out of the house and to the park in the 30-some degree weather. I'm not a fan of cold, even though I've spent my entire life in the midwest. But, as happens quite frequently in this scenario, I ended up enjoying my time in the great outdoors and was even able to get some ok shots!

Berries - SOOC
As you can see, the before shot was waaaaay underexposed.
But I saw some promise in it and just couldn't hit 'delete'!

Berries - 8x8
Much more moody and somber than the many springtime images that are beginning to emerge, but I like it all the same. ;)

Berries - SOOC Berries - 8x8

I use PSE 8 to edit, but can't remember the exact steps I did.
Mainly, I duplicated the background layer multiple times and adjusted them to screen and hard light. Then I cropped to 8x8. 


  1. that is a wonderful photo! great job :)

  2. love your before and after, great edit.

  3. Love it!!! well done! I am glad you saved this and did not delete

  4. Love this! The Edit is Fantastic!

  5. Beautiful Katie! I am learning about those "promise" shots too. The berries have more dimension in their silhouettes cropped in like that. Adds interest to the shot.


  6. This is beautiful! You're right; it's much more somber than many spring photos, but that's much like life. Over here, spring is less leaping awake so much as a gentle stirring from winter's gray days to spring's sunny skies.

  7. this is nice Katie. I have the same type of berry picture very under exposed and I have not deleted it but do, or now did not know what to do with it. You gave me some idea. I felt because the berries where not red but dark the pic was a gonner but I will look ata it again and see what I can do to it.

    Come and see some roses over yonder... the flash set, and natural light, tell me what ya think.

  8. Katie, I really like the mood of this edit!

  9. love the edit, you always take great macros!

  10. love the before and after -- the edit is wonderful!!

    enjoy your kids and getting your shop and other stuff in order... I definitely have some get-in-order things to do!!

  11. I just love silhouettes! Wonderful edit.

  12. the final is beautiful but there is something mysterious about the blue in the first one. i'm kind of loving the original a lot!

  13. I like the 'cold' look of the first shot too, especially the shadow branches in the background. Looks creepy in a good way. The latter is fantastic.

  14. What a great rescue Katie - what a great silhouette.


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