Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Sea of Blue

Monday, I think it was, I promised you some shots of clay pots.
Not exactly exciting stuff to hear about, but hopefully you'll find these as beautiful as I do!

There were aisles and aisles of glazed planters!
All colors of the rainbow, all sizes and shapes and textures.
Oh my!

Clay Pots

A few years ago, shortly after my son was born, I took a pottery class. It was mainly to get out of the house and have some "sanity time", but also as a creative outlet.
And when I look at these pots - especially the bird bath below - I am craving that 'get-your-hands-dirty' kind of creating! Now, mind you, there is NO possible way that I'd be able to jump in and make a gorgeous bird bath! In my class I managed to make a bowl, a votive candle holder that was supposed to be a bowl, and a plate...perhaps I should do a shoot with those???

Bird Bath

And of course, I can not resist cranking that lens out of focus!
This one may actually be my favorite.
I can see it now - blown up to a large scale and hanging in a crisp white cottage over the fireplace.

Sea of Blue


  1. The photos are lovely! I love pottery. My mom works for a pottery company so I have pots everywhere in my house being used for all sorts of things:)

  2. OH I would hang that last one.. right over my serious yellow fireplace...Yes I would

  3. Those are beautiful!! :) So I suppose I wouldn't look weird if I was lugging my camera around taking pictures of everything?! I am often tempted to do that, but resist.

  4. These are neat, I worked at a garden store and we had pots and bird baths just like these.

  5. Beautiful! I love the last shot.

  6. Nice--the pots and how photographed them. I love the shades of blue colours too.

  7. Wow girl! Those blues are gorgeous!!!!! And yes, that last one would look perfect in a cottage. Love it!

  8. breath-taking!

  9. These are beautiful shots. Love how you play with the camera and do different effects.

  10. These are really beautiful shots...

  11. Katie, someone put me onto your photography several weeks ago. I saw this post and tried something similar today. Then came back and read about your equipment--was so encouraged that you're not using multi-thousand dollar lenses! Then went to your 365 from last year and...WOW!! That was an amazing trip. You have a truly special eye. You have also been working hard, but seriously. It makes me smile to think of what joy you must have in it.

  12. Hi, there! I'm just a few days late on this one... hehehe! But I did want to say that blue is (one of) my most favorite colors and this is awesome!! Wow! And you know what else, I'm lovin' the whole 'out-of-focus' thing you got going --- I sure could see it hanging up in some big fancy place! :)


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