Friday, May 6, 2011


I hope y'all like floral shots, 'cause I have a feeling that will be the dominant theme this summer!!
I think I've been to our arboretum three times in the past month...
And on my last two visits, these fields of anemones have been begging for a photo shoot.

Anemones are such pretty flowers...and I think they go vastly unrecognized. 
Truth be told, I'd much rather have a full bouquet of anemones than roses!

Field of Anemones - Color

Field of Anemones - B&W

Lately - as in the past 48 hours - I've been feeling a desire to process in black and white, which is not usually something I do.

Two Anemones - B&W

One Anemone - B&W

Anemone - Color

And I still have about 30 more florals to edit!'ve been warned. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness Katie - these shots are so gorgeous!

  2. LOL I'm on a flower kick too. I made myself post photos other than flowers in the last few days!

  3. Oy! I have a ton of flowers too. I really enjoy visiting your blog and seeing how you process your photos. I'm always pleasantly surprised :) These are beautiful.

  4. yep flowers will rule this summer.

    These are great.

  5. They look like they have pearls in the middle - how wonderful!

  6. Flowers are just so much easier to photograph than children. HA!!! These look great. You must have been using that 50mm again?? Awesome dof and your black/white edits are very pretty too!

  7. I love your B&W's! How do you edit them? Just desaturate or do you do more?


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